New breeds & big changes

This year’s Westminster Dog Show features four new breeds and will look different. ABC News' Will Ganss reports.
2:16 | 06/09/21

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Transcript for New breeds & big changes
For 145. Years the Westminster Kennel Club dog show has been the Golden Retriever standard for all things being nine from eight TV. Or rather from Airedale Terrier TDs shallow it's keep leak. And even though we've seen our fair share of quirky canines competing for best in show like the Chinese Crested the common door. And the Affenpinscher this year for new breeds are hoping that every dog really can have its day. We have the death of Al Argentino. Which is say all white athletic powerful working dot the door urgent teen was bred for hunting while border. A Mountain Lion. They are very athletic and energetic almost as for the Rocha is the beaver terrier it's a long coated dogs it's Murray in outlined to a Yorkshire Terrier but it is a totally different breed. Beautiful coat. Also new this year and it builds it lack of law they ever very course. Tops sold look to them and that's based on where they originally bred. Were bred to herd sheep and other livestock. And last but not least a water retriever breed from France done barb today known for its appeared. Marvin bar bay means feared and so that is one of the features of debris. Could have a friend started Chinese study German dubbed the real Barak Hussein tell us on the same in me. You know visitors different language. New breeds and an all new vibe this year to. Reportedly in a race it would come in first if they had a little jockey Adam though maybe not Fred Willard level but instead of Madison Square Garden in February this year is W Casey dog show is it odd in Westchester County at least Hearst castle so this is the first time in a 145 years that the Westminster Kennel Club dog show has been held outside of Manhattan. So it is historical. Historical indeed the show usually also offers audience members a chance to interact with the dogs and the breeders' when they're not competing. This your fans we'll have to sit and stay at home watching the Devi KC dog show on television and online instead of in person you guys on Friday I like the owner start looking like they're done that's bacteria. But Doug did I play that is a very real phenomenon I don't worry I am gonna do my homework and I'll find the injured dog and the Mona doc. Keep an eye out I'll post it's my problem is I want to take all the dogs hold home.

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{"duration":"2:16","description":"This year’s Westminster Dog Show features four new breeds and will look different. ABC News' Will Ganss reports.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"78173514","title":"New breeds & big changes","url":"/WNN/video/breeds-big-78173514"}