Brian Wags His Way Back to 'Family Guy'?

The Griffin family's dog might return to the animated show on Fox after being killed off.
3:00 | 12/09/13

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Transcript for Brian Wags His Way Back to 'Family Guy'?
I'd next time let's talk about Stanley guide Brian the dog who on November 25 was suddenly killed off. Absolute dismay -- every fan of that child they went on line and went crazy petition was there. It was output in 150000. People signing a petition that they walked the dog back. Well it's not confirmed. Entertainment Weekly is reporting that sums up their reporting that fox usually confer with Karen coming back -- Next year's series run down shows that the dog has a role. As a description it's a stupid devises a master plan to get the one I don't king. Christmas. So they go. Coming back into the -- Christmas miracle next season -- that reported how exactly Brian by the ways voice by series creator Seth MacFarlane will -- emerge from the landed dead. Is unknown but we'll continue to play a role. -- I wonder how they yeah I wonder how much of that it was -- -- leaks by the shows that all of you probably us viewers back at all watch it again. I mean I don't know what's gonna happen that they want to talk back and won an appearance by the right at the back they don't want ghosts of the dollar rebate a lot right exactly okay now moving on to what I palace -- of the highlights of last weekend's -- out it was hilarious so -- as the host. And as you know he is on the is in the movie anchorman to. The legend continues and it has to -- -- promoted manipulate every time it's promoted. We bring it up on here so anyway -- just want to show you what they did not only was he onstage but the musical. Gas was one direction so he's up there with them. And called in -- back to happen. -- your. Boy bands well. I brought my man band. Have signed nonbinding don't know -- It's not gonna grab some man do new room. And I -- -- rockets again. That's right -- -- And I. We're. Now we are not direction. It was a -- show all -- they really didn't make an appearance afterward but there on stage you have Will -- he had Steve Carell and you had David -- there. -- obviously Paul -- all of them going to be. In the new anchorman the legend continue to argue and I hope that movie's good because they sure aren't there everywhere we really are after all the promotion -- -- -- We have a really good point you like the fact that Will Ferrell was Will Ferrell and he wasn't anchorman my dad always -- Right -- -- problems in the -- too much hype leading up to this becomes friends as well there. President is shown up here yet since you feel like that's gonna I think that is on world news an incredible world news now -- -- -- My ticket back into the central market -- that's an incident that.

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{"id":21145649,"title":"Brian Wags His Way Back to 'Family Guy'?","duration":"3:00","description":"The Griffin family's dog might return to the animated show on Fox after being killed off.","url":"/WNN/video/brian-wags-back-family-guy-21145649","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}