British Airways Jet Catches Fire on Runway

The London-bound Boeing 777 burst into flames moments before take-off in Las Vegas.
1:53 | 09/09/15

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Transcript for British Airways Jet Catches Fire on Runway
Good morning I'm Reid and I and I'm Condace Gibson with some of our top stories on this Wednesday September tonight. Starting with a frighteningly close call for passengers on a Jumbo jet taking off from Las Vegas take a look. The left engine of the British Airways triple sevens catching fire the crew aborted takeoff. A 157 passengers and thirteen crew members aboard the London bound. Like evacuated using the emergency slides several passengers were injured. Those who were not hurt were placed on buses take into the terminal. And from there to hotels President Obama secured enough votes to avoid embarrassing deep telling the Iran nuclear deal. As congress returns from summaries asked. For more Democrats announced their support for the agreement. Blocking Republicans from passing a resolution. Disapproving of the export Donald Trump had crews will attend a rally on Capitol Hill today organized by the Tea Party to hold the Iraqi. United Airlines is under new leadership this morning to CEO quit. In the middle of a corruption investigation. The company's former boss and two other senior executives stepped down yesterday the airline is being investigated. Over weathered gave preferential treatment to the former chairman of the agency that operates the airport in the New York City area and new CEO has already been named. And finally an incredible image of being in the right. I packed the place it was the water off the coast of Washington State and it was the right time complement an expert kayaking guide to beat. I'm right in the middle of pot of complete. An enormous animals were so close it appeared. Touched the video was posted with the caption finding counter quote. The thrill of a lifetime. It's scary to a thrilling but scary aspect about thirty whales I don't know. Ari get more news anytime at ABC news at comment on this planet read and I didn't accept the last.

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{"duration":"1:53","description":"The London-bound Boeing 777 burst into flames moments before take-off in Las Vegas.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"33621893","title":"British Airways Jet Catches Fire on Runway","url":"/WNN/video/british-airways-jet-catches-fire-runway-33621893"}