British Couple Adds Cloned Canine to Their Family

A British couple had their dead dog cloned at the Sooam Biotech Research Foundation, which offers a commercial dog-cloning service for $100,000.
2:57 | 12/28/15

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Transcript for British Couple Adds Cloned Canine to Their Family
And now it's time for the next you know police soap it. Yes very big now isn't. And apparently boxing day which is big in England yes December from December 26 there was a clothing of adopt that take a look at this couple who. Paul went off over. Thousand dollars to clone a dog with pastor wave. Their favorite dog Dillon and this clearly yet is checks they named after the character their favorite Disney movie hard balance and that's Dylan poor Dylan he passed away. Almost two weeks after he died the couple decided to go through with its quoting figures actually ruled that you can only do this after five days after. A dog passes but. South Korean company. Is involved with doing this is gonna cost 200000. Dollars if you want to clone your dog. But they just we're just overjoyed when as you can imagine they felt like they're old dog was brought back to life and it was like well. You know it it's fascinating and that Stephen can showed us how it's done in pet cemetery. I'm worried about what that dog is gonna come back at us may be a little freaky attack. OK you know what's really scary scene right now something that we don't get to see too often wide berth looks like from outer space. And then all of a sudden you see all that all those dots dots the amount of space junk that is orbiting earth since 1957. This new graphic shows all the crap that's out there right now they're about. 20000 pieces of the spent rocket parks that they alone about 500. Thousand bits the size of marbles floating around earth now so that's the letting a lot of them. That's a relief to me I thought this was. What happens when the rest of the world sneezes. Who that is that's very wrinkled and bluesy that is exactly. Agreement but for commercial. But to put forward now and yeah thank you you don't have to sugar free wouldn't wet it's right. What's important when Google went oh yes those are not drink or one couple decide to go the healthy route you see here the gorgeous gorgeous couple. They decided that they were gonna make this the healthiest wedding ever. And you won't believe some of the different is not like they just had. Incredibly delicious words a fried chicken that there's no fried chicken that's the thing for to have handle it they had vitamin juice station steamed vegetables fresh fruit for dessert. No she's Brussels sprouts no cheese cake my friend but you could have a tie green papaya salad and and they even had Gil got during the week of their wedding was or apple will have service. Yes funny last there was two certified organic Australian Chardonnay is more of organic want Deborah no chemicals used to make it so lets us be better for your body to break off. Think my custom brand and I don't come any day take a look at this really prickly issues that pretends to be a dog it's really cute that is in Scotland. And it'll just hop listen to the commercial golf here has acute.

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{"duration":"2:57","description":"A British couple had their dead dog cloned at the Sooam Biotech Research Foundation, which offers a commercial dog-cloning service for $100,000.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"35970768","title":"British Couple Adds Cloned Canine to Their Family","url":"/WNN/video/british-couple-adds-cloned-canine-family-35970768"}