Britney Spears Accused of Taking Drugs

A former manager of Spears testifies that she took amphetamines during an epic meltdown.
3:00 | 10/19/12

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Transcript for Britney Spears Accused of Taking Drugs
Yeah had to sort through this whole Britney Spears -- that met epic collapse second TS and seven while her head to -- had yes the staff stepped on a stretcher. Emergency room and all of that. While her former manager Sam -- it on the stand because of this they defamation cases her parents blamed him for a lot of her pitfalls and they didn't -- -- so anyway. He's on the stand he's accusing Brittany not taking a huge amount of amphetamines the night that she was -- -- that stretcher. And shaved her head because of that alleged drugs potentially in the -- that's why she shaved her head. And he said that she took 68 pills early in the day several more later. -- she went completely off the rails he says that she blew their her prescription amphetamines before locking herself in the bathroom with her youngest son and of course is to be out we know what happened next place of the 5150 -- Could you be doing much better these gaps -- again this defamation -- case. From San lefty her. Former manager has snapped had to bring to light exactly what happened during that epic epic meltdown. Sure she'd rather have that does go way out -- actually stick -- got some -- issues for a new home -- eight and a half million dollar mansion in California. Pretty nice digs she moved to. Away from Calabasas now she's moved into an 8456. Square foot home which is located in -- Swanky private community in Thousand Oaks, California. Say another five bedrooms seven baths wine -- home theater massive infinity pool we're told the Britney. Made this move because she's starting her new life with her fiance Jason trainer Rick and she wants to be a new home. It is secure location that looks pretty secure and certainly the case -- I'm really surreal right yes OK so if you remember when Fergie today. Pop singer and -- do mullah Akhtar got married next. Think it was back in 200919. Months after they got married -- accusations that he had cheated on her with a stripper she has said not seen about it. Until now my guess who got an open up. -- give up Oprah Oprah kind -- take a lesson. When you go through difficult times it it's. It really makes you stronger as a unit who as a partnership. If it does for us anyway who are -- today is a deeper. Love the tournament that he -- indefinitely. -- we're stronger today because of anything difficult it's happened with us. Now of course in there her how to spend it publicly denied cheating on his weapons attack I still didn't get from that whether or not. They were admitting that it happened or they just said we went through this these allegations together she says. Our love today -- in deeper love were stronger because of anything difficult that's happened to ask the -- that we communicate. And communities most important thing Oprah's next chapter is going to air Sunday October 21 9 o'clock eastern time -- and if -- -- said. And more of that interview -- talk card. Best -- Chris Jenner pushing hard for Kim and Kourtney to get their own hosting gigs here yeah okay Christian energy delighted and -- -- that hosting job on the X-Factor and Allah. Matriarch of the Kardashian clan -- pushing through the other daughters to become reality TV host to another assault according to radar online -- reporting this. Apparently Chris is up about the -- and contacted various production companies touting Kim and Kourtney -- potential hosts and judges. -- thinks Kim would be ideal for May be America's Next Top Model. And according would be perfect for something like Project Runway. -- so good on their feet. Hang up right Eden I don't want to keep up the -- bashing memoir you're over just that mankind I never adopts a model --

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{"id":17515404,"title":"Britney Spears Accused of Taking Drugs","duration":"3:00","description":"A former manager of Spears testifies that she took amphetamines during an epic meltdown.","url":"/WNN/video/britney-spears-accused-taking-drugs-17515404","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}