Skinny: Britney Spears' Ring

The inside scoop on the singer's engagement ring.
3:52 | 12/19/11

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Transcript for Skinny: Britney Spears' Ring
Yeah skinny and Kobe Bryant's. Pop up. Apparently his wife Vanessa has filed for divorce after ten years of marriage -- voting member. She was the same woman Vanessa -- stuck -- him and sat next to him when he announced that he was fighting the visa you know rape charges. -- Bailey Colorado edit the Colorado concierge who accused him of rape been in 2003 that he admitted to having a sexually -- there she goes she admitted to having he admitted to having the sexual encounter. With this woman he just as it was consensual. Vanessa stuck behind him do that but apparently we're hearing that he's had a lot of means little daily instead. One perhaps with some not laid them the actress saw Aurora. And they -- also not sort of flirting with little or Jay-Z concert -- -- perhaps this was just who. Much but that -- I don't know why should -- walk the first. Time around -- -- anywhere that they -- good -- -- -- their relatives that had -- VW -- in -- -- Orleans ring but I mean it was so embarrassing. Was so terrible to be accused of -- and his defense was. Mike to have sex with her it was consensual at -- -- was so embarrassed that's it's not -- it. If -- that video is also tough fellas this in this Colby didn't have a pre nup -- against. -- doesn't and clearly that is richest people thought he must -- -- -- -- like hundred million dollars announced what like forty but I mean they know about the have to worry is this twenty. -- they'll be all right everybody -- all right -- Real quick who has had some prayers and -- wishes to. Singer -- James apparently she's in the final stages of leukemia here she's not doing well at all. When her living dot she's in the final stages of the disease she -- -- three years old now of course no. That's -- 1961 hit at last also apparently suffered from dementia as well as hepatitis C so -- she does not. Have much time left only a great talent. This will be her final days of final weeks or -- -- us and our thoughts and prayers to her. And her family many many -- I want to just a wonderful -- -- unique that Boise Clark actually. And from Colby and Vanessa breaking up to Britney Spears getting married apparently she's got this. -- engagement ring at the grim picture of it she's revealed this -- it's by Neil Lane. And it is suspect. Koehler look at that -- that it's up. No good luck to britney's may have been a lot of hard way to go she's had several televisions and Kevin Federline all of that now -- perhaps -- not true love Charlotte. It all -- couple route passes -- last few years let's hope this is our beloved Brittany you know they had you know gas station bathrooms square foot should be all right believes yes. Good news over JR Martinez -- -- love this guy from Dancing With The Stars had a winner of the mirror ball trophy please -- be a dead heat and isn't expecting he's 28 years old he says he found out just last week gets a girl and we are over the moon kingdom has -- for as little. Baby -- now it is perfect so. -- any nicer guy now releasing a visit to good backlash that can be great dad so congratulations to him. And finally -- what did you not love Whoopi Goldberg have been against -- abuse several times Tom apparently she may have passed some gas tax vote they do business -- yeah. Another -- he doesn't do it right away. -- that little -- like -- expected to. I could do whatever she wants to do. It includes removal is worth an -- and fat and. Now let's have DSL will be let it out girl.

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{"id":15187151,"title":"Skinny: Britney Spears' Ring","duration":"3:52","description":"The inside scoop on the singer's engagement ring.","url":"/WNN/video/britney-spears-engagement-ring-15187151","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}