Bruce Willis Gets Grumpy During Interview

While promoting "Red 2," Bruce Willis gives strange answers during an interview.
3:35 | 07/24/13

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Transcript for Bruce Willis Gets Grumpy During Interview
Welcome mr. -- -- we've all heard of some celebrity interviews that can be a little on the awkward size but it. This is not a movie an interviewer asks the question that they're just not interested in Alabama goes downhill or these people have been -- after -- connected dug in their elderly -- over same questions over and over again. The latest installment of awkward interview. Bruce Willis take what's. Here yeah -- 66 and -- that. I'm thinking about doing -- can probably keep my mind on this interview from thinking about driving somewhere. -- -- And it doesn't get any worse -- -- -- -- any better from there are so he's chatting it up with Jamie Edwards who is a reporter for British radio station of promoting Red -- there he is with his. Costar Mary Louise Parker and -- mortified by the way she actually played a little nicer than he of course and he was just not into it at all after he said that. There were some sirens in the background in the interview the day he interrupted again -- -- -- you hear that and then he said you know what. Let's just get back to you just asking such great questions anybody before reporters directing accurate being -- sarcasm so. There -- -- -- he's not playing nice although he's promoting anorexia here's my opinion -- so many other and enormous star than movie probably you'll like I don't have to not because everybody is entitled -- -- -- and he's over there you have it there you have it. C'mon give the poor reporter break it was a big chance and beyoncé is wonderful catalyst that set DMZ reporting she was onstage in Montreal last night forming halo. Her hair gets stuck in a fan for real it if anything -- -- a -- job. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Scissors now. Goes on to say after the show that. I got snatched. Anyway dwelled on beyoncé did this but not well I mean -- I just might not have fact that it happened it hurt it kept me. I thought about that I do surprise didn't come clean off a couple of Khalili and related in way to. All of that let you -- a step back. But I'm just thinking that you're here what I -- -- moving to. NBA legend Michael Jordan. He is married a beautiful gorgeous stunning 35 year old he's -- and apparently they have started the conversation. Hating. -- because even though he has a 24 and a 22 year old. He has now had to reverse vasectomy. -- -- a reconnect -- he is a reproductive. Two. In order to make more eighties with his beautiful. Girlfriend longtime governing in -- -- -- Retail. 35 years old and so that we may have more baby Michael Jordan running around wow. If it works I guess it does she otherwise they would be going through that. Hey hey what if she wants that she gets -- she's you know that obviously you know that -- -- video blurred line that's big -- everybody it's a lot anyway -- Seattle -- -- carousel and here's the real deal that's the real created their own version of the the -- lines that provides that changed the lyrics that change the voices they change the gender. And they swapped everything about it wanted to see how the different roles to receive is different it's pretty funny you might want -- Out of it didn't take on viral and I can understand -- yeah I think so right now yeah yeah.

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{"id":19756184,"title":"Bruce Willis Gets Grumpy During Interview","duration":"3:35","description":"While promoting \"Red 2,\" Bruce Willis gives strange answers during an interview.","url":"/WNN/video/bruce-willis-grumpy-interview-19756184","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}