End of the World Is Coming...Again?

Group of people head to Bugarach, France, in anticipation of end of days.
2:48 | 03/26/12

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Transcript for End of the World Is Coming...Again?
Yeah. Its world news now delivers your morning -- -- All right everybody now time for your morning papers now as you may or may not know a lot of people seem to believe that when the Mayan calendar and at least the LC on the Mayan calendar and on the 24 -- December that the world well as well -- a growing group of people seem to be heading to the town of both Iraq in France it's part of the Pyrenees in the Pyrenees mountain range. There's apparently a man and they -- that many people believed. Contains aliens that on the 24 to December will come out of the mountain and take all the humans -- nearby and for -- -- get this isn't France take that humans with them to outer space center. Eighteen will be -- so of course. Daley -- where people are heading up the heading into the town and the -- -- -- people exist in other countries not just -- that's your. That if you're the mayor is getting a little worried however and people are people are watching this group they're afraid. Of the things that might happen -- that are about a 100000 people there expect a yes amazing sound -- there appear to your -- -- go -- the other way actually. The Apple Store it's a beauty it's marvelous ago when there you feel pretty special -- 183. Year old woman says it's just plain dangerous she walked into the glass door. Even consider myself how could this happen but you know what I could see myself doing something goofy like this really cut she. Suing apple should broker -- -- yeah. She -- she says she is now suing apple for a million bucks. This is the Apple Store on Long Island. So Rula I was -- -- -- into the Apple Store look for the doors make sure you know whether it's a little tricky it's very modern then letting out there she says that her -- 83 she -- pretty good but not as good as somebody -- twenty some. -- area now he. If you -- you a little low on cash -- could -- -- little extra. Let me say half a mill works for me you might want to check out your attic because apparently some guy found too rare Hollywood movie poster is in his attic stairs one of them the Dracula poster right there. That one got a 143000. Dollars. -- and actually another one that was -- behind it to that one right there didn't I public enemy to attack yet on that -- got about some hundred in 1000. I mean. Means he can't make this. I don't know rummage through the attic and see if there's anything up there but I'm I'm not -- optimistic. Well good morning shows be without the dumb criminal of the day story I love these -- we got a good when this comes out of Connecticut a man. But -- by accident 911 half the police -- -- some rummaging around -- here metal planking turns -- they use the GPS technology go to the location. Apparently the guy is loading up 700 pounds of scrap metal that does not. Seals the scrap -- -- police arrested -- tell -- what Obama criminal on this field goals not scrap metal and leave yourself and how you missile form online.

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{"id":16002689,"title":"End of the World Is Coming...Again?","duration":"2:48","description":"Group of people head to Bugarach, France, in anticipation of end of days.","url":"/WNN/video/bugarach-france-end-of-the-world-16002689","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}