Think You Can Do Montu?

Video of the rollercoaster at Busch Gardens gives you a front-row seat.
2:55 | 05/12/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Think You Can Do Montu?
-- -- -- -- Actually I love a good. We're very similar that would that would do these -- in the world but in general yeah. Go home cameras in the school student Alex knew that I take a ride in the war coaster called the -- -- -- -- gardens. Don't almost always. Wow I feel right coming -- And I don't. -- -- -- -- -- On the going viral there on the net the 150 feet tall marketing and Busch Gardens and sixty mile an hour speed -- -- -- Cameron. Paulson. -- by the way down it's still going into the. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Hidden we always look -- this very special talents and then in Morocco. Had to music playing and turned on his video camera when he noticed that his cat was dancing. To the music more specifically. Working. I could tell me what I remember wondering whether or not. Look like it's I didn't think that anybody was scratching or something but that didn't the second part way justice can always just this tale telling me. -- like he just can't control the red yeah like -- Watson now pave now pay down your mind that the area around the princess support can have lived in cattle were had been cheating to get -- -- management and have. That it works out my guys they just can't get any better. Who doesn't love fireworks. Very true love fireworks -- this is great we're about to see fireworks in the eyes of the two year old who's never seen them before guy's name Connor he's two years old. Watches reactions. Johnson jawed -- his eyes go wide and this. Actually the first time ever -- his report WW lease back down event. Parents are very good about the way they. The very beginning at -- to notice -- the you have -- -- and easier to live it was really done a pretty much feel the same whenever I see fireworks and to this day. Especially when it comes a crackdown that's how I feel NIC wrestling smackdown. -- -- how does so teeny tiny. Reaction to that video was about yeah he's bail out I was delighted. To a little bit.

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{"id":23679325,"title":"Think You Can Do Montu?","duration":"2:55","description":"Video of the rollercoaster at Busch Gardens gives you a front-row seat.","url":"/WNN/video/busch-gardens-montu-rollercoaster-23679325","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}