Caffeine Used to Power a Car

The Guinness Book of World Records highlights a car that runs on coffee.
2:55 | 02/20/13

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Transcript for Caffeine Used to Power a Car
Welcome matter about time for me. Wednesday mix here we -- this caffeine is critical -- we and we always say that a lot and that was critical for something else. Potentially. Running your car. This up it was a very cool story. Guinness world records now -- this guy conservationists -- bacon who used his coffee powered car. To get to 65 miles an hour the fastest ever speak for this type of vehicle and out of -- coffee like what's in your cup. But he uses the waste from coffee production at these pellets are heated in a charcoal fire to break them down into carbon monoxide and hydrogen which is -- to drive the engine of the car so the coffee callers that call it has been years in the making but any -- -- -- on this -- vacation like. Process here that this guy didn't work on this for a while and he says look this is another alternative energy that we could be using here's -- -- There are -- we're always talking about getting away from our dependence on oil but until you make these cars look like real cars and not like these. Crazy little factories on wheels that not not try to act there's -- Louisiana. Kick hit -- that that he added. Hundreds of and it's not good for the economy in the end against Nevada highway didn't do nothing -- -- plant and nothing and they waited up for your personal safety today. We'll -- you. I don't -- -- -- another example very nice okay this is actually really interesting so apparently. And there is a gentleman by the name of votes -- -- says he did a little research so that he can come up with the most expensive. Cup of coffee ever of course it's a Starbucks. This is video from the is YouTube channel of the vote -- studio now. He went out and he got himself 1948 shot -- different she knows only one look and drizzle much of powder protein powder. Can't -- relate topping with strawberry to bananas caramel drizzle prejudge it and at -- chat room. Kenny called it watcher and -- helped topple -- costs 10147. Dollars and thirty cents. How am -- doing because it was his birthday -- debris. So remember -- that go get it for -- because you'll get the most expensive couple copies for -- Fifty dollar cup of coffee you've got to be -- now. -- biting Folgers anymore. I'm a lot of -- to college recruit. -- -- -- also apparently folks like me -- around the world here we off of this huge event last week it rests with the meteors. And according to the online measurement company visible -- measures. The -- videos have collectively they'll top -- 138. Million views on video sharing -- the fastest video of it ever to reach a hundred million. -- -- Crazy -- interest in what happened over this in the skies over Russia that's incredible don't wanna get to this this is something like I'll take. Internet girlfriend basically what it does for you -- -- goes on FaceBook getting creates a new girlfriend says you're really should at least something that's just great I think that. And it says it'll never let.

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{"id":18544201,"title":"Caffeine Used to Power a Car","duration":"2:55","description":"The Guinness Book of World Records highlights a car that runs on coffee.","url":"/WNN/video/caffeine-power-car-18544201","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}