Camera Captures the Moment a Bird Strikes Cockpit

Pilot Rob Weber was a few miles away from touching down when he received a shattering surprise.
3:00 | 02/24/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Camera Captures the Moment a Bird Strikes Cockpit
All alone piloting a small airplane thinking about being almost home and then suddenly your windshield explodes while that's what happened to Florida man -- camera in the cockpit recorded everything. Joseph wrote some -- ABC station in Fort Myers, Florida has the story. Never does seem Olson wins -- just explodes heart stopping moments for pilot rob Weber something he's never seen in more than a decade of flying planes -- -- the bird was -- the plane with me you worry royals' cool what's happened and it was smooth sailing from Central Florida to Fort Myers -- field. -- radioed in to the control tower when he was just a few miles away from touching down through -- -- also on the windshield is exploded. Stop flying ever -- what -- -- -- in slow motion. A bird slams into Webber's windshield. Glass flies and heavy winds -- the plane flying at a 170 miles per hour. It sends you to a quick chic but -- steady hands takeover along with his pilot training just flat African -- -- that's. As -- -- -- there was those a few moments later watch is -- reaches out to check himself realizing he's been cut on the head that it believes are. Really bad. That's -- -- -- those cover -- no -- boy so. Just get -- our guys the only -- -- Weber kept. The camera rolling. When he picked up just a few weeks back to the complaint with Clinton and her attorneys to use of that but he could never predict he'd get this once in a lifetime footage knowing how lucky he used to be alive after what was a lot more than a close call customer would have come all the way. In and in this they would continue to hit me who knows -- -- not -- -- console. Luckily that didn't happen. As -- safely -- the plane he's congratulated by control tower radio the and met with fire engines as his plane comes to a stop. Joseph roots ABC news Fort Myers, Florida. -- -- -- cool cucumber yet I'm collateral he only had the one cut to his head because you see don't think those are. -- -- right out and my shock of it must've been incredibly to keep his cool and it actually this. Can -- it happened. Often enough -- FAA says that 9000. Birds are reported struck annually by planes in the US. And that number keeps going up every year and they actually believe that the number is higher it's just that pilots don't report. -- some of the less serious incidents. And deadly since 1988250. People have died. In accidents with planes hitting birds.

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{"id":22644642,"title":"Camera Captures the Moment a Bird Strikes Cockpit","duration":"3:00","description":"Pilot Rob Weber was a few miles away from touching down when he received a shattering surprise.","url":"/WNN/video/camera-captures-moment-bird-strikes-cockpit-22644642","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}