Capitol Hill COVID showdown

A Democratic Congresswoman had some choice words for her Republican colleague after he pressed Dr. Anthony Fauci on an end to social distancing. ABC News’ Faith Abubey has the details.
2:57 | 04/16/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Capitol Hill COVID showdown
Now to that showdown on Capitol Hill over corner bars restrictions doctor Anthony county and a congressman from Ohio sharply disagreed with other. And things got with one another and things got very tense ABC's meet the Blu-ray is here with more on that faith and good morning. Hey good morning team Kenneth and that conversation on Capitol Hill turned confrontational one alone make her asked doctor Anthony county. When Americans can return to their normal lines. Sparks were flying on Capitol Hill as doctor anti found she clashed with the Republican lawmaker but what does happen to be my. Are thinner and should respect the chair and let them. When do Americans get their freedom back. And we get the level of infection in this country. Low enough that it does not of really high what is low enough to be number right now we have about 60000 infection today which is a very large risk for a surge. We're not talking about liberties. We're talking about a pandemic that has killed 560000. Americans. Doctor county stressing the focus is on saving life you're just making this a personal thing and it is an. It's not a personal thing now you are that is exactly what you're doing now that your recommendations. Carry a lot of weight doctor about it we decide that that chair of the financial services committee said she loved doing the greatest thing in the world my recommendations. Are not a personal recommendation it's based on. The CDC guidance and the American people what doctor without seat instant world in what has. The BI airfare. From terrorist act let's check. Out. It says new data shows how effective the vaccines are the CDC sands of the more than 66 million Americans who have been fully vaccinated. Only 5800. Corbett infections have been reported significantly less than 1%. But how long the immunity lasts remains unknown Pfizer CEO says it's likely people would need another sign a booster shot every twelve months. Oh immunity be leveraged shot. Is going to waiter it's gonna dissipate the and it's also possible that the virus may mutate and up to the micro they'll need to be eight booster price for the new theory it. In the meantime health systems in some hot spots are overwhelmed outdoor triage centers are being set up outside eight hospitals in Michigan. Two dozen of the State's hospitals are now at 90% capacity we currently are. In our third surge. Which is just like a runaway train. And during that hearing on Capitol Hill yesterday doctor Andrea Conte said the US can start safely lifting called it restrictions. Once we go below 101000 new cases per day however. Right now we're at 60000. New cases per day Kenneth. All right bait think you.

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{"duration":"2:57","description":"A Democratic Congresswoman had some choice words for her Republican colleague after he pressed Dr. Anthony Fauci on an end to social distancing. ABC News’ Faith Abubey has the details.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"77113308","title":"Capitol Hill COVID showdown","url":"/WNN/video/capitol-hill-covid-showdown-77113308"}