Cap'n Crunch Gets Late-Night Talk Show

The cereal hero will be hosting a talk show on its YouTube channel.
2:54 | 04/24/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Cap'n Crunch Gets Late-Night Talk Show
Everybody time -- the next. You Captain Crunch here -- against Charlotte I was obsessive -- assessment already sweet cereal because it never made it to my house with a family of seven it lasted for about ten. This everybody got -- a -- I'm gone a got tickets want someone to talk about captain -- uninteresting they're launching a late night talk show a new online animated series called the Captain Crunch why. Going to be he had -- episodes throughout the spring and summer -- do you choose their YouTube channel site. -- -- -- -- About Damon adult audience will be in new episode every Tuesday starting at seven they want to -- Captain Crunch. -- those kids captain. But they go get you can't get enough Captain -- -- Tyson should not be able to boot him. Want your child and -- got a surely they have not. Eat Captain Crunch. I want can't tell you eat it -- Carrying out giving by the way all the late night talk show hosts around for the 100 I'm -- right. Into the camera watch out being carried out okay now here is a story for all of you don't meters don't -- he says -- Ahmadinejad could well I try not to be yes a lot of I am quite big champion -- like McDonald's quite. -- get away with a here is a story for you if you like to put apparently there's a guy can you top. A lot of this sandwich from McDonald's. -- 1999. This apparently. Is not I -- she says that he this started out as an experiment there he is he says that he. -- this camera director 1989. And he made his pocket and they in his pocket for months he wanted to continue -- experiment so he handed fashion in the back of his truck forgot about it -- two years later a look this thing and then that's it for another fourteen years a -- he's been the only thing that has changed in the entire sandwich is at the pickle has essentially disintegrated -- Yeah the -- at last February I don't think -- -- yeah talk about Bill Gates. Some not so good publicity he went to South Korea are allies not North Korea South -- -- will be president bear in this photo has a lot of people outraged. He's supposed to shake with two hands over there it's the proper elegant thing to do any one hand in the pocket -- outright disrespect so Koreans are pretty pretty mad about just that -- very disrespectful. And now apparently though Korean newspapers -- say about research and found out that he's a serial. Hand in the pocket and -- and France's wealthy billionaire he didn't hesitate to hand however you want labs have some respect -- I -- So vibrant look at fifteen seconds to get to this and -- the manic scene at 6300. Different Chinese restaurant he started back in 1955 64 years old in LA he -- that -- Is determined to. -- make this like a collection of we eating around and if you're wondering he's seen it coming played his best choice Chinese restaurant -- palace and -- city. California.

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{"id":19028621,"title":"Cap'n Crunch Gets Late-Night Talk Show","duration":"2:54","description":"The cereal hero will be hosting a talk show on its YouTube channel.","url":"/WNN/video/capn-crunch-late-night-talk-show-19028621","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}