Celebrate 12/12/12

The last repeating date for 88 years means that people and companies try to take advantage.
2:55 | 12/12/12

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Transcript for Celebrate 12/12/12
Prices today it's pretty significant day around the globe it is 1212. Twelve last time we'll have a repeat never -- in January 1. 21 Iowa and that's it just. Pretty much -- welcoming -- so big right now because you'll never be able to enjoy this day began much you're alive in eighty years the number 111111 was -- -- -- you hear that they need to do that 121212 here in Florida and Fort Myers. You can get married for 500 dollars. At 1212 and Asian countries there expecting. We're twelve as a as pretty much the lucky member of the -- -- that and it's easy -- Expected mothers are booking themselves for C sections. To ensure a fortuitous for. For their -- that's cool yeah let's get a -- you know celebrate a fun Davis of the little. Get off beat yourself than you really want you know I don't to what the brother to get her wedding that's a wedding did because I asked my husband I forget our anniversary 121212 you have no guarantee that cities -- You have to remember don't screw it up so enjoy. This special day everybody also -- Javier -- what's coming out with their list of this and -- for the year and so. Google -- released their list of the most searched things for the years of this if you of the Whitney Houston was the biggest -- the celebrity of the year she passed away several months back. Also Hollywood gossip the Justin Bieber -- -- -- actress Selena Gomez was the most inquired about celebrities. Celebrity split. The year's US open champion and -- in 2012 gold medalist Andy Murray was the most searched the Libyan -- -- -- the -- -- -- James Bond thriller. Gondola style no shocker there was the top trending so. And fashion British Olympic -- designer Stella McCartney. Was the top trending label the years and there's a little synopsis morning twelve from all the -- out there this year. Usually it's between thirteen -- weeks. We'll look at this particular group was going to the chapel to get married the only problem he was arrested and spent the night in jail -- -- currently Indiana -- speeding on the way to an optional driving hundred miles an hour near Valparaiso Indiana. Officers -- he was driving erratically switching hands almost total. -- -- -- waited to be pulled into the church's parking lot. He nearly tipped over his vehicle this as relatives were waving their arms and shouted at him to slow down before he performed doughnut. -- -- -- -- -- Taylor earlier that day didn't make the Canadiens. General handcuffs and your wedding -- become a group -- check. Et -- the fully loaded cheeseburger bloody Mary been -- David Sobel in the owner Sobel -- really Milwaukee Wisconsin the drinks like burger combination -- -- -- shred. Polish sausage cheese pickled asparagus and -- Incensed over all of it probably would nine at the box -- The jury was -- that's another reason for you to get to. An update from Houston.

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{"id":17940998,"title":"Celebrate 12/12/12","duration":"2:55","description":"The last repeating date for 88 years means that people and companies try to take advantage.","url":"/WNN/video/celebrate-121212-17940998","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}