Celebrating National Strawberry Month

Food and lifestyle blogger Marla Meridith shares some easy recipes for the summer to enjoy this delicious fruit.
4:34 | 05/20/15

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Transcript for Celebrating National Strawberry Month
And I welcome back of the slows time that was who I could bring you'll end here so you could smell. Was going on in studio right now we're told enough for a stronger there's this morning some creative ways to celebrate. Did you know if this national strawberry mocked and so let's bring in food and lifestyle longer Marla Meredith she's here with her best ideas. It's businesses and tactics trader at its gardez and it's not like or have fresh field of strawberry and do. Does the but this is we appreciate you bringing this in we would this is absolutely do at home now this man this is the traditional will get to this in the second us and everybody knows. Yet we know that we'll let it for a faction and a ball on yes OK good but still we're gonna start here though we can do is a home at slowly sat out I love to make. Fresh strawberries mideast basically instead ice I like to use frozen banana skin like a mop with a strawberries and -- is or some milk whatever you're not a dairy he's juice and then you haven't scored just the latest upon anytime of the day breakfast meal you know many meals are. Continue despite this in the news you pitch tonight. At night ownership heart scare seniors yeah. It slowly take this is this is the virgin Clinton version right now aren't asking them where we're doing on my version today and as we move to the next thing. Lucent how popular this drivers as popular as ever these days. Put starter so Pappas timing here they're just GC yummy analysis week saying they're gonna go out of there ever having artist album obviously great it looks like a biscuit they're within we're talking breakfasts. Well I credit him for back lets you could tip the base police we have buttermilk biscuits and and some whipped cream fresh start right in the middle with strawberry jam he could make from scratch or just get you know get your favorite jam and. Started on so that should we chance and we even if you attempt and that's our own strawberry jam that they're difficult to do by. Well you can't. Tap indebted to face a little more time of course depending upon how hungry you are my new need to look at severed have not hard to make him now don't be afraid to use this novel is no doubt ever be afraid appeared in payments and look absolutely I know that this was something that they caught my attention as Nancy has been. One of the most popular recipes have ever got on my blog and it just a robbery in cream she. Keen lopped par age when okay. A dead and it's delicious far Brack best. We need for back assembly even sometimes they even just like a little dessert with it with a lot of cranes a lot of heavy crane decent one the most popular you then you won't get him. It did really well a campaign dressed it was like explode and the people are really and say yeah yet Intel eight. OK and it's healthy now having everything I'm looking at healthy here we're talking about the biscuits second ago we have some hit it. Yeah simply amazes all of that let me headaches here and as we continue and we as we may lose again to talk about this now. Armor they get all healthy stuff this is a great in the healthy snack we take notice this. And you're damn someone inside look at the loaded up with whipped cream in the middle or you can do like I did and just put some dollop summit topless and surging don't just kind of have found with that. No limitations. Strawberries cream and biscuits I mean you know. And you could even eat as you go. You can't. Hey can you get our lady knights and into the that was nothing there that's OK there we GoDaddy I have here you have Airpwn and it's okay Alex spends a McKnight and pat yeah like at an all time Edwards had delegates who minister here thinking it would have happened it's actually start -- taking time to look through this is a heck of a month after Israel. Yeah that's what it. But again it never goes away that I that I you have. OK we don't have Barnett insisted on the two minutes. What are these satellite Democrat or fresh start breaking couldn't these will never again this diesel never go away and there is it's not like he's ever gonna go out of style if you will never an eight dial in that classic. That's a timer you move we can never go wrong. This is you know this is for a little romances as well servers that we've absolutely I do use that around. You haven't they get a moment. So seriously yes I LA the make lamb what critics say easiest thing in the world you can get a spray thing in him do it like that but. I usually put something now land mine would. And you know some powdered sugar Vanilla and then you just you know I mean you you can't go around. And you could at least you can have a moment is that the kids are gonna do using U column I guess south I guess so. Marla Meredith is a foot lifestyle literal men's water movement as well maybe maybe divide is over of the drug residues on their lives all of our website that only 22 a W and and fans dot com of course. Thank you for this. Watching world news them.

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{"duration":"4:34","description":"Food and lifestyle blogger Marla Meridith shares some easy recipes for the summer to enjoy this delicious fruit.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"31170086","title":"Celebrating National Strawberry Month","url":"/WNN/video/celebrating-national-strawberry-month-31170086"}