Skinny: Celebrities Forgo Thanksgiving Turkey

Ellen DeGeneres and Alicia Silverstone among stars having vegetarian meals.
2:55 | 11/24/11

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Transcript for Skinny: Celebrities Forgo Thanksgiving Turkey
Skinny Thanksgiving some say hey you know no one is getting on this -- we didn't have any that it -- well first storied past the told Turkey apparently. But -- celebs say they won't be eating Turkey this Thanksgiving. They're going to go vegetarian for many reasons a lot of them are sort of protesting factory farming. Of turkeys were talking about Ellen DeGeneres -- Lisa Silverstone. Corey Feldman Kim Basinger. -- awhile NBA champion John -- I think it's very interesting that he said that Turkey's. Our one of the most abuse animals on earth. And so rather than have Turkey they're gonna have. Do something else. And also -- member of ER actor Noah -- that they have a farm where they've rescued pigs and goats and horses and so on Thanksgiving Day get all of their animal. Special vegetables and then the whole family enjoys a vegetarian Thanksgiving dinners -- there are people that will not be having to be. I respect to health reasons behind the millions and the -- and the acting on the don't know almost all the antibiotics and hormones and -- and accessing or abuse. I guess. I couldn't do -- I've -- respect discipline good luck to those folks in the militias -- for this. -- -- Figures are people who do -- piece on the up -- interviews which is extremely popular at. Asked where is the best way to feature -- can't -- -- friend William Shatner has done got a very funny PSA talking about the dangers. A factories get this a thousand fires each year when he. -- -- -- Fifteen million dollars in property damage every and he -- just don't know. What they're doing so together with state -- -- in this kind of -- when he PSA back outcry after meticulous. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well the home home home. -- An accountant not to do that is how not to do it but -- a community -- -- -- talent agent you can get you don't believe -- -- on YouTube. And check it out there's -- really can be. I disaster you know we don't don't know what you're doing so pay attention of residents the most delicious way to -- Denver I'll be here if you how mined land that's your first -- -- husbands remain in Baghdad. The public theater that yes -- check this out you know we're talking so much about Occupy Wall Street. In occupied. Protesters they are getting a benefit album love it or not you not have all the drumming in and everything -- you're going to be able to hear it -- The nickname you're talking about Lucinda Williams lady -- -- -- Third Eye Blind won't actually be on the album take a listen to them. This is outfitted with didn't get that apparently they have raised a lot of money get worked up about that -- --

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{"id":15022653,"title":"Skinny: Celebrities Forgo Thanksgiving Turkey","duration":"2:55","description":"Ellen DeGeneres and Alicia Silverstone among stars having vegetarian meals.","url":"/WNN/video/celebrities-forgo-thanksgiving-turkey-15022653","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}