Celebrities Remember Robin Williams

Steve Martin is one of several friends to tweet memories of Williams.
3:50 | 08/12/14

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Transcript for Celebrities Remember Robin Williams
And topping -- skidding Robin Williams -- friends and colleagues remembering him this morning a specially as fellow comics. Steve Martin tweeted I could not be more stunned by the loss of Robin Williams. -- great talent acting partner. Genuine soul and from Steve corral Robin Williams made the world a little bit better rest in peace. Judd Apatow tweeting when I was eighteen I got a job as an intern at comic relief just to be near him. That's of course comic relief for charity -- Williams helped get off the ground that's ride in from the younger sat Lena Dunham of teen these girls -- just shared a moment of silence on the set for Robin Williams a man who brought so much laughter and joy and healing to so many. Comedian revising perform with williams' weight back on don't laugh in TV show she wrote sometimes it's too easy to miss the tears on a -- rest in peace Robin. And Jimmy Kimmel latitude that a call to action here Robin was a sweet man as he was funny if -- sad. Please tell someone. And Jerry and -- who is not a comedian but who won an Oscar for best supporting actor just. Was Williams did wrote thank you to the beautifully original and brave artist that is Robin Williams he taught us how to stand on the edge fearless. -- -- -- So many good memories there we'll continue to follow -- -- them with you throughout the day that's exactly right. Although it is a sad day for so many of us we do have some happy news from the entertainment world starting with the announcement. But says it's a -- that is now proud -- Grandmother and -- his daughter Ava Maria Martino had a baby girl. With her husband Kyle this is the first grandchild for the 67 year old Sarandon who made the announcement via Twitter she said. So happy to share of the birth of my granddaughter tomorrow along main Martino mom and baby are perfect strongly is -- and present beautiful. Congratulations. To the whole fact I love that name -- and another Hollywood milestone to note actress Jessica all the younger daughter haven turned three. And boy -- her mom triple a party. Pickle spears Jessica of two girls and their party dresses that -- dressed down there she is an overall looking at the -- birthday cake and some of the other food can. Kept up -- body -- there all of it looked. Kidding grown up from in a party also featured some time in the pool costs arts and crafts and -- on the -- Pink bunny game face painting all you see -- all right -- very -- -- -- of -- storybook. And it -- Minneapolis. We'll get -- Miley Cyrus announced a new addition to her Pham -- and an adorable may believe babies. Piglet Palin adopted and named Bubba suit but could. The same gender has yet to be announced -- and one of the picture she posted on and to Graham the -- mail is painted red. -- in us to believe that the pig has more of -- -- than about. But never did with the adoption -- is now join the ranks of. Other celebrity -- parents is as Reese Witherspoon Paris -- enunciated. Knowing that George -- I -- and I think he did out of that come model Miley marketer very -- there are you -- Among the bold faced names celebrating birthdays today actor George Hamilton is turning 75. Actress Yvette Nicole Brown do you know from the TV show community is 43 -- happy birthday today's -- Catholics 39 birthday and British supermodel. -- -- They'll definitely Melamine -- too happy birthday I don't follow supermodel remember the field. -- -- --

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{"id":24941717,"title":"Celebrities Remember Robin Williams","duration":"3:50","description":"Steve Martin is one of several friends to tweet memories of Williams.","url":"/WNN/video/celebrities-remember-robin-williams-24941717","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}