Celebrities Voicing Support for Paris Jackson

Big names posting messages of support for Paris Jackson after an apparent suicide attempt.
3:00 | 06/06/13

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Transcript for Celebrities Voicing Support for Paris Jackson
-- -- We've been telling you in the news fifteen year old daughter Paris Jackson of the late Michael Jackson rushed to the hospital Wednesday. Apparent suicide attempt sad story have cut itself with a knife allegedly she took some Motrin pills. Anyway celebrities now sort of -- weighing in with -- support for her tweets coming in from just a few of the celebrities a bunch we'll give you a few. Just -- -- tweeting stayed strong Paris Jackson Russell Simmons. Saying very sad to hear about Paris Jackson's. Keep you in your prayers Carmen Electra love and support. Going out of Paris Jackson a lot of celebrities -- in just a very sad story she's she's been dealing with depression is recovering in the hospital now so funny support her out there we wish us. Absolutely. Looking to Miley Cyrus is she -- has a new YouTube video that has been have released it was -- -- TV news in which she says she -- often misunderstood. But she -- -- -- -- think about her because. She feels like her old image of Hannah Montana on the Disney Channel which is that everybody kind of remembers -- watched it with her daughters now. She's becoming of age as are these children and moms and kids alike and like what happened to Hannah Montana -- -- visit my entire us. -- may take a look at what you expect. I I am self proclaimed party animals but also the hardest working person you'll ever know. And -- -- hard worker I mean she has been in the business and she was a kid doing Hannah Montana she said that the show master true persona. She's got new single called we can't -- -- already hit its gonna be released on June 3 and she does this kind of things don't work videos and media constantly in the public -- Let's be honest with you she's done the least out of all of these crazy twenty somethings that we've been talking about yes she's got -- on our shoulders and he looked that she's partying that. Right she's partying she's showing her true colors she's doing it with her music videos she's got an outlet. And you know we're not hearing about her doing other crazy things -- luckily hopefully it stays that way -- Girls gone wild videos talk about it honcho Jeff Francis the head of the girls gone wild -- at least made a nice living. -- pictures of girls in front of the camera apparently the tables being turned. Hardcore sex tape starring Joseph Francis and girls -- wild founder and his girlfriend -- Wilson has apparently. Being -- to various media outlets is going to the New York Post. Apparently -- -- the X rated footage was on an iPad of his girlfriend the device was stolen from the airport LAX a few weeks ago. The video said to be professional quality he -- a quote from Francis I'm -- -- Sorrell pornography I am the Spielberg. When it comes to this so apparently this is. Quite a little videotape -- about -- he's confident that police will arrest the guy who's trying to sell the tape. Perhaps millions and anybody else making that we'll -- you right -- exactly let's Bobbie Kristina Whitney Houston yes. Daughter. And her boyfriend have been evicted from their Georgia apartment apparently and this is all about noise complaints. So they were living this is a rental property they -- -- on -- -- a couple. His name is Joshua Morris. And he is pretty clear he posted on FaceBook dot com that he couldn't be happier that they are leading thank you for making a hard year harder you are -- miserable couple and always will be. We were honored to have us. To have us living -- you and you couldn't stand such a young beautiful couple far more successful -- -- will ever be at -- your misery does Arafat on your innocent little baby. I guess. That says -- all she said UID. And password at the bottom of our shoes she's got. Very applicable.

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{"id":19336906,"title":"Celebrities Voicing Support for Paris Jackson ","duration":"3:00","description":"Big names posting messages of support for Paris Jackson after an apparent suicide attempt. ","url":"/WNN/video/celebrities-voicing-support-paris-jackson-19336906","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}