Celebrity Couples Tie the Knot on Holiday Weekend

Gabrielle Union married NBA star Dwayne Wade while Jenny McCarthy and Donnie Wahlberg tied the knot too.
3:52 | 09/01/14

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Transcript for Celebrity Couples Tie the Knot on Holiday Weekend
We have a jam packed skinny for you on this Labor Day to having our headlines this morning a couple of celebrity weddings. Just to celebrity couples tie the -- on this holiday weekend actress Gabrielle Union she sealed her own happy ending on Saturday. Very long -- boyfriend Miami Heat star Dwyane Wade in front of an intimate crowd of family and friends in Miami. And in a quite ceremony in saint Charles -- -- -- yes lasted just twenty minutes there's Jenny McCarthy and her and New Kids On The Block the -- and blue -- actor husband Donnie -- they married yesterday that now. Here's the -- notably absent -- brother Mark Wahlberg. He -- he -- this video on mr. -- with his wife and kids to send his good wishes -- DMZ reporting that marked his wife have some. Issues with some comments -- has made them. -- boy by the way Jenny has said that she first fell in love with -- when she was in the eighth grade. Why she's on new kids on MTV and as she got that -- was the hottest one out of the hall. -- the -- right there can't card -- -- little sister join the ranks of share Madonna. Beyoncé. You know and Kendall Jenner -- well let me down there she is little left she is dropping her famous last name from now on the eighteen year old daughter of Bruce and Chris Jenner. Is going and I simply by Kendall. Kendall Kendall Daniel and only ten though he has Kendall. The change is apparently an attempt to be an independent as she advances are modeling career all our eggs may be trying to get of the -- named kind of distance herself from mommy daddy. How well what I want you -- -- mean it was when the gravy train is rolling you don't hit a roadblock in front of -- Kendall said that she has been going by single -- for months now. Her parents reportedly not offended. By her decision. Yeah. Well this is -- celebrities go -- a lot to -- to end -- report red carpet events but in real life many of them are pretty much just like us especially when we get up in the morning. Case in point. Here it is Lena Dunham posting this first thing in the morning's -- from the Venice Film Festival after a full -- oppressive -- -- This is what she said is this what beyoncé because they -- about. Referring to that song flawless. Of course some might say to yourself be -- isn't that much different from her slightly rebels of the wealthy Gelman she wore but you know what you describe is looking like -- -- thanks -- Feeling like sweat pants and I don't know I think -- -- you know what everyone -- style you look she's happy she looks like she had fun you know -- I before in the -- Thanks to her own tune she dances well it may soon get very cold on the hit ABC show once upon a time. Check out this promo for season four that's frozen. Else walking through town. Oh boy here yet NC athletic. Yeah. Paul can hold it back -- -- And definitely can't yet we don't know the words -- thing. Ms. Clinton suggesting that her rival is going to be a shake up for many of the characters on the very tell drama present is getting major presence on ones in the new season the flurry of familiar characters. Picking up after the events of Disney's Oscar winning movie. How at a time -- it has releasing frozen I've seen it twice and already that -- -- it's stuck in my head for the rest of the day I apologize because I know what's gonna get second your head now that we've. Giving you our own lovely producer. Yes CIA if anything I'm sure everyone's like now you know I don't bother collecting royalties on that just don't ever sing it again. Time now -- Anthony celebrities -- saying let's take a look at who is celebrating opposite comedian Lily Tomlin -- into the fire. -- -- -- very began turning 68 singer Gloria upon turning 57. Actors and they -- -- she is eighteen day happy birthday to -- September baby theft there. And happy labor that's -- to get to celebrate your birthday on three day weekend. -- exactly -- you started on Friday news we eventually you know Monday Tuesday -- pull up to camp at some point.

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{"id":25201111,"title":"Celebrity Couples Tie the Knot on Holiday Weekend","duration":"3:52","description":"Gabrielle Union married NBA star Dwayne Wade while Jenny McCarthy and Donnie Wahlberg tied the knot too.","url":"/WNN/video/celebrity-couples-tie-knot-holiday-weekend-25201111","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}