Cellphones and Tech for Fashion

ABC News' Joanna Stern shows off some gadgets that you wear rather than carry.
4:30 | 04/02/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Cellphones and Tech for Fashion
You know be technologically advanced these -- means more than just having a cell phone apparently still -- to talk to us about how we can become mobile with our technology is tech editor Joanna stern so let's start with the fun stuff you're used to now putting your -- in your bag get used to wearing your -- now -- excited and that's what we're talking about today. So lots of people talking about Google -- which is gonna put some of the cell phone technology on our head. But there's already product app that lets you do that so this is called the look he looks the looks the HD camera -- and it looks like the Bluetooth earpiece. It is one actually but it also has a camera at the end so that put this summit here but -- -- can be -- that's a is this is now it this is going back old school you with your Bluetooth technology here although this is much -- -- are coming -- that there okay so it. This actually pairs with your phone. And right now you can see in the found what I'm looking at. Check it. It and I -- hit record and I can start recording and it can actually that easily share -- so there -- -- Wow so let's check it out America that's -- there you -- version of me how many you have enough cameras on hearing -- I don't have -- -- -- -- -- -- and and that's what five should this one about a rate cuts 150 dollars and staying in the in the -- of people like to work out in the outdoors or be jammed this is also very similar exactly so it. Told a ton of new gadgets there are about fitness fitness wearable -- -- the first one here I have is that fit it -- I think and -- has become a really popular company with best and -- tracks your footsteps. Of odometer except odometer but also tax policy your calories and you can Wear this to sleep and I want tracked how long -- for the what's really cool lot but this has -- screen but it also can parent your phone. -- you launch the app. It pairs automatically with your phone and gives you start of that. Over secrecy that sort of a calendar and it shows you over time. How many steps -- -- -- to -- taking steps one day than any other you can also share with your friends this you can put on certain you know your pocket -- -- her bra strap. They're also gonna come out this bracelet that's just the -- that -- but already on the market there is a bracelet version right now this is the job -- up. And this is something very similar to that same sort of tracking capabilities and sort of looks like this fund. -- things really can't forget it and number of callers South Carolina -- -- out. But the same thing here know that there's no display to show you how many steps he's taken but if you plug this into your phone Lucy take this off. Have you hold that unplugged the -- here and then plug it into the phone line and it will saying. It's all about certain giving this stuff. A mobile -- back OK that's not enough wrist watch where H four -- there's something even more and it's exactly so these are cards Smart watches and a lot of people talking about -- Apple's gonna join us based Samsung says they're gonna join it before apple. Lots of people want to bring answered the phone functionality to the rest so this is one company -- are you doing that this is caught the pebble Smart watched Kelly you do it this is that you Wear this on your -- any -- with your phone can see your text messages coming and your phone calls. So all that it's actually found the idea like. You're talking to someone -- unite my -- that Agassi and I got this really important text message or whatever. App that new way of avoiding people they knew technologically advanced two -- exactly so this is at the pebble Smart watch across a 150 dollars -- and -- first with an iPhone and an android phone. Okay that this is the Sony version and Sony makes it. Looks a little bit more like a phone. You get sort of the fall color LCD oh this is very nice this one's really nice and so this is a touch screen this one doesn't have a times touch screen. And -- -- get -- and also see your FaceBook or Twitter messages and other way to kind of avoid them. The social situation your -- I am the good thing also about this is that this works with 800 -- any type of injury from this is the -- it's connected to right now I can actually one of the cool things you can do is switch to watch it and they'll watch -- OK so if you. -- if I can get this to work. As time change that hold money here. So if I change that. Which this so it's all in sync with your phone that's the point of these is that they are really in sync with. The following that you're using -- and the idea that you can keep your finding a bag and keep this under arrest wow picked. We are making your liability even more mobile check that out are -- don't think it's always wonderful to have you here aren't if you want anymore information to go to our website W and -- --

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{"id":18860455,"title":"Cellphones and Tech for Fashion","duration":"4:30","description":"ABC News' Joanna Stern shows off some gadgets that you wear rather than carry.","url":"/WNN/video/cellphones-tech-fashion-18860455","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}