Skinny: Charlie Sheen's Ex Arrested

Brooke Mueller had warrant out for her arrest for cocaine possession.
2:49 | 12/05/11

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Transcript for Skinny: Charlie Sheen's Ex Arrested
-- Is it better than a Monday morning skinny you know that it certainly. Tonight could be a little bit better day for Brooke Mueller of course the exit Charlie Sheen she had a warrant out for her arrest for cocaine possession. Even though she -- -- warrant out she decided to go out party live up a little bit it's not a nightclub and asked spending TMZ caught the video here. She's out of public. Having a good time there she is she just make and some friends box of food. But it worn out her arrest that took her and they booked her she's out on bail for 111000 dollars she just can't really she's -- -- half of my friends are very concerning and officers -- -- The -- twins so you know she's got to take care of them -- with father being Charlie Sheen. I think people are feeling for the children rankings happening with the Charlie from her father view of how often being Charlie Sheen right. Well Madonna. I don't Madonna fan I hope you material girl that's right well Super Bowl halftime show performance hasn't been confirmed at Indianapolis he's -- that's -- -- -- that's gonna be amazing she's gonna perform at -- time. Big game will take place on February 5 at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis and we're -- feed the pop -- team up with -- -- And her frequent collaborator Jamie king and visual artist from moment -- in the telecast. And DC I think it's gonna be -- hopefully no wardrobe. Malfunction -- I don't -- let's not always Madonna a lot of molecular about 100. He's going old school that a lot of prayers I don't think so urgent I don't because she she's very -- -- looking so we were gonna see something we've never seen me five minutes. You have disappointed fans if she doesn't take it back up a few decades of life and I think stuff we'll see amazing body and on the last all right well. This was kind of a big surprise and obviously when you get crowned miss USA. EU's sort of have a standard you have -- -- -- -- as well. Ex miss USA -- but he was arrested over the weekend. Drunk driving charges in Detroit stream -- you know unfortunately her lawyer is saying that she's very sad and very apologetic for the situation she's in right now. I don't making excuses for but it is a lot of pressure because everyone is actually watching every single -- that your me. How about this lady got everybody -- her moves she's debuting -- new video -- but 98. It's fourteen minutes long. And she says it's about her life it's very -- on guard in the interesting thing is she burst Cheerios all over her wet naked body. That Syria issued a statement they don't care they say -- we feel that people -- a -- a lot of different ways. Lower cholesterol -- born this way it's -- Very nice more world news now -- the.

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{"duration":"2:49","description":"Brooke Mueller had warrant out for her arrest for cocaine possession.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"15086436","title":"Skinny: Charlie Sheen's Ex Arrested","url":"/WNN/video/charlie-sheen-ex-brooke-mueller-arrested-15086436"}