Chicago Doughnut Bakery Uses Alcohol for Filling

Drunken doughnuts are the new way to enjoy the morning's favorite sweet treat.
3:00 | 11/15/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Chicago Doughnut Bakery Uses Alcohol for Filling
It's. Like -- am glad that yeah. -- -- -- -- And well it's hard to imagine improving -- -- rob singing and improving on the -- sugar frosting cream. Jelly but apparently there's something missing yes indeed the aforementioned party in your mouth -- -- -- -- capital and a half out of this is that story the thing that's missing. Alcohol. Momma don't worry now there's a bakery taking care of that glaring oversight and frank -- from our Chicago station WLS. Has the story. At -- -- -- pastries on west Lawrence they're taking care of two of our dietary -- Eating fattening foods and drinking booze they are the one and only bakers of -- couldn't donuts. Dunkin' Donuts are regular -- that are filled -- different look for. Flickered up custard and Richard -- jams. -- drunken doughnuts are being sold for three dollars apiece at all three delightful pastries as you might imagine the recipes call for fillings with the boats. I'm stirring up my passion fruit jelly with my orange to a chorus I'm just -- the -- -- and he Aaron and stirring up some are so it just has the right balance. But adult only fillings without -- to -- was like a glass without a drink. So deep fried -- become a delicious surroundings for the alcohol flavored injections. This is the last stop of -- Drunken doughnuts we're filling them with our -- -- -- let's. These recipes by the way are nothing new just -- -- birth mother Sasha. All my god the house but I'm seventies and followed -- -- century yet. While. -- -- -- woozy Don Knotts and that's all good almighty god. I -- not that. The custard vodka and the chocolate to Godiva. Look cooler. To steal one from -- Kenny Chesney song. What does one too many. And -- -- government and wonder if these things are legal. Yes that is because we cook the -- with the alcohol so we have a lot of flavor left over. -- -- still have to wonder can you get a ticket for driving with an open container of these drunken donuts in your car -- -- -- ABC 7 NEWS. -- -- didn't immediately mom and a few. -- on the -- I don't doubt one more reason to stand I don't send them here please. This is ABC's world news now. Informing insomnia its -- Tuesday.

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{"id":17724880,"title":"Chicago Doughnut Bakery Uses Alcohol for Filling","duration":"3:00","description":"Drunken doughnuts are the new way to enjoy the morning's favorite sweet treat.","url":"/WNN/video/chicago-doughnut-bakery-alcohol-filling-17724880","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}