Chipotle Accused of Price Fixing

In a way to keep lines moving Chipotle says it rounds the bill up or down.
3:00 | 08/30/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Chipotle Accused of Price Fixing
-- many of -- they're probably been to the change of hallway okay good you know direct. It makes who have been there many times myself. It's apparently some -- are noticing some funny things about the receipts and it's a complicated story but the bottom line is that a lot of the stores were rounding up or rounding down there bill. Not to try to squeeze the consumer necessarily but to keep the line movement threatened about the budget into the ones -- go to always -- pack rat out the door. So the wind speed things up with some consumers know is -- what's up so apparently August 1 to totally change the policy Nelson held -- rounding line. There all the received bitch fit. Tell you you know how exactly how your bill was -- or whether up or down or what have you so Palin if -- people complain. Not broaden the issues of contention the company they have changed their practice here and so you don't just the consumer alert there are so -- do you have any. You know. Beef forward with what they're doing or whatever you can call the restaurant itself we're the division of consumer affairs -- -- the story you'll find out the information -- check -- to pull -- -- -- to -- -- because check -- You believe it looks like -- country. -- -- -- At half staff -- literary. Yeah you even been to the Apple Store when -- It really -- he -- than genius bar and nearly all of these people who work apple they're always so happy isn't sure we'll see you and they always have a nice positive things to say. Clearly there is an enormous. Handbook. And they go through somewhat of -- boot camp in order to be able to. Work with the typically people like you and I who are -- everything growing UN mean -- happen so according to continue training handbook for their their work but you're not want to say the -- crash or blog because they don't want to alarm any of their customers who. We'll also. This sales portion of what they're trying to do they actually takes a back seat to good behind that the dinner when they just -- give out good vibes sell out. They're dedicated to and I think console in cheering up and correcting at the genius -- not so much selling you an -- -- which -- I'm going to do that hardly intimidated at every cell himself. If you think about it on the united mathematics at the bar don't sell himself to live -- -- happens every sales coming hasn't -- -- you know. You do that so apple of course also is religious being optimistic convention -- she wanted to put out story that we found about interest in. Items they have for sale there at the -- interest -- little. They're due to add some some are slap bracelets -- regions and that kind of -- -- RNC goodies out there. There's some kind of fake tattoos that the people are getting in addition to the normal T shirts -- Leonard's and he Jane's all the comes up so if you're out there you know. -- in Tampa had a good time get your hands on Saturday ten to Gibson's alleged to have -- for your country. -- patriots.

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{"id":17113195,"title":"Chipotle Accused of Price Fixing","duration":"3:00","description":"In a way to keep lines moving Chipotle says it rounds the bill up or down.","url":"/WNN/video/chipotle-accused-price-fixing-17113195","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}