Chloe: The Pampered Pomeranian Pooch

Chloe, a spoiled Pomeranian has over 250 outfits.
2:10 | 08/14/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Chloe: The Pampered Pomeranian Pooch
And now it is time for the mix. He like dogs tell you what doc I have a dog but my dog is not as pampered as this dog that you're going to see -- -- Princess -- and -- operating of course and she is spoiled like no other dog that I've heard before she might be the most pampered pooch. Ever she's got 250. Outfits more outfits than I have in my -- -- had all they RO. That is the owner there she says that she's not rich but she said that she had more money that she would lavish life. More on her -- my gosh my favorite thing about the story of the woman says she. -- -- dog's paws dirty says she -- to carry her and her 15100 dollar million -- time carry bag. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Figured out what that will -- -- designer apparel take a look meet the python in Indonesia that likes wearing a walk for -- that's right. Need to grow together in captivity. This is a tree python and only eats fox mind you any Braintree -- against their best buddies now no signs of aggression here. And they look so cute together don't think they look adorable it almost looks Photoshop and his little sticky little fingers there -- worked out perfectly. Ski -- unless it's still -- snake. We've been covering of course the -- -- Ice bucket challenge all week showing you different clips well we're going to show you an extreme one now this one out of Canada Canadian. Hockey player called this and that. Decided to do it his way it. On top of the glacier of course filling up buckets of water. And dumping them from a helicopter of course that -- -- all the while repeatedly shaking and wearing Speedo. -- Met Pro hockey player goes and slow motion. That's pretty extreme right now we water coming down -- -- -- -- he also laid down a challenge to several others including LeBron James. Never will be interesting to see if those guys follow through everybody's seems. To be catching on -- this now and look at that.

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{"id":24974375,"title":"Chloe: The Pampered Pomeranian Pooch","duration":"2:10","description":"Chloe, a spoiled Pomeranian has over 250 outfits.","url":"/WNN/video/chloe-pampered-pomeranian-pooch-24974375","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}