Christmas Music for Any Mood

Radio DJ Ben Harvey with holiday tunes that might be new to you.
2:55 | 12/24/12

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Transcript for Christmas Music for Any Mood
And they -- All he did admit your big boys demand bad back in the day so we know -- That's why you have you really give us all of his department over the doing -- -- A little ways to admit thinking back to -- these -- -- -- mayor interesting to Christmas music the next wait for hours if you haven't been listening it. For a month -- hasn't -- they overdo it can't escape it. -- our holiday edition of insomnia -- let's not only do three now radio deejay been Harvey is playing Christmas songs with. And an alternative. Be. You love everything about the holiday season except -- -- was sick -- in the same songs over and over and over again. In this installment the insomnia playlist there's something for everyone depending on what -- here. If you hate all Christmas songs because they're too sappy and happy. How about this. Season is upon us by the drop -- They dropped -- there and Irish American band from Massachusetts this -- from the upcoming album signed and sealed in the slightest doubt January 8. It's all about handling this function. Mayhem. -- -- -- -- -- -- My -- the not exactly the feel good song on the holiday season. But it's definitely worth a listen to -- to more traditional moon there's training -- for the world. It's from a Christmas compilation called a very special Christmas 45 years proceeds benefit the Special Olympics. If you and -- feel like a kid all over again all you need -- clo and the Muppets. All I need is -- Christina Aguilera makes an appearance on the album as do the Muppets themselves. Just look at the cover art for the album it's called magic moment you'll realize that clo is the most fast Santa Claus. -- -- I think the -- hit a -- Oh yeah in his first name is eat all of that. -- love that love is that brings us to our FaceBook question now that. The day -- what is your favorite holiday song and why let us know at that -- and in bands that come and spread to cheers. We'll hear it back.

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{"id":18056311,"title":"Christmas Music for Any Mood","duration":"2:55","description":"Radio DJ Ben Harvey with holiday tunes that might be new to you.","url":"/WNN/video/christmas-music-mood-18056311","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}