The New Class of Billionaires

Spanx, Under Armour and Facebook execs are on Forbes' billionaires list.
2:57 | 03/08/12

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Transcript for The New Class of Billionaires
And world news now delivers your morning. Welcome back everybody -- -- -- neighbors here. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Billionaire -- and freshman on this list -- he's happy just to get a pretty good. Her high school sophomore -- -- less excited about that -- his opponent. Actually on this list very cold here. With a few people Sarah -- Time had been listed issues were that billion dollars is still relevant name my face you know the products bashing better than what you ladies love -- -- -- apparently she is now a new. I -- billionaire also. Kevin play. -- the manager of -- chronicle under -- basically it's kind of moisture absorbing sports where he is more than one point one billion dollars new coverage of the list. And also we have this guy he got Elon Musk who was the co-founder -- -- now SpaceX and Tesla Motors he has worked until million dollars. Also gets is on the list of god and -- five hour energy that don't drink people -- to come up. Get their -- -- he -- the list. As well here's something -- -- one quick stat here. Of the 128 people on the list ninety making their own fortunes self made millionaire love that god bless you 38 inherited the money also an analyst Steve -- wife. Lauren she's not worth nine million dollars just one of two newcomers to break. Into the top one. Hundreds -- -- he is is one good idea but. But he's ever sent massive -- all of you OK so back at my home state Michigan they're doing something strange on the campus of Michigan State University East Lansing -- offering this new course. It is going to be called the surviving becoming zombie apocalypse catastrophes and human behavior. Yeah. Details. All too real life. That case an answer to learn how to undertake a catastrophic event simulation involving a zombie pandemic -- be broken up for the survivor groups. And we'll have to face the challenges of living and surviving together during the catastrophic. They say it's serious topic and quality of academic studies. That's one reason to go to Michigan good to see that's always -- going to get away senior the zombies. The work force that's -- wonderful they also did admit that a -- around for years about if you drop of any. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That if it hits you he could actually kill you well new study from University of Virginia says. That ain't so because in this because an air resistance in the same of the penny it cannot kill you if you get hit with one -- What can. Ballpoint pen and -- -- -- plus but not you actually can't believe. Not enough sorrow we are here credits -- you know not a word. My son -- -- more golf clubs on the sixteenth -- -- -- -- -- -- Under that late night TV professional they have -- -- games.

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{"id":15874679,"title":"The New Class of Billionaires","duration":"2:57","description":"Spanx, Under Armour and Facebook execs are on Forbes' billionaires list.","url":"/WNN/video/class-billionaires-15874679","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}