Cleavage and Chess Matches

Dress code bans low-cut blouses on women.
2:59 | 03/13/12

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Transcript for Cleavage and Chess Matches
World news now delivers your morning -- It can't be have a little bit of fun we're playing -- -- OK so the chess championships in year and Europe are kind of lose a little bit of there. Sex appeal like now it's not be. Chest championships anymore it's just a chess championship trigger -- keep this think. Some -- allowed ladies that are partaking in the -- -- -- well first of all that they were not wearing proper clothes during the games. And that they're gonna have to to play and -- -- little bit more conservatively so in terms of the -- the second from the top button not a media opened. In addition to the very top button. While -- is a bit more about their -- -- and the Cleveland -- girls make and are just part of mr. teetering. -- The fact move I missed. It for 5000 -- -- replace general path that did not yet. -- pretty -- tightening up the rules there mainly -- keep it was idiotic yes just idiotic humor thing. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Also this book -- -- I'm reminded that apparently happened I was with -- a lot tougher than maybe. Some of us understand in the new thing are people going to stores stealing time like the law -- it determines -- forever. Time like he's going on the black market now people are going crazy -- -- stuff one guy west palm west Saint Paul, Minnesota may help the 25. Thousand dollars -- the subtle fifteen months when he was finally busted for using an -- -- structure. Council see guys -- -- -- -- six or seven things have time because an exchange in the stuff further cocaine or other marijuana our bills or whatever so they're polish is all over the country. The -- now is this is being targeted because there's -- serial number all time. They get away with a no waited to register -- following. In the post from -- doing -- and making a clean getaway. -- Tidal wave of -- I'm they're always sub struck the -- yeah. With the. This could include. -- -- -- And if they needed a getaway car for the tide -- -- -- -- -- -- -- up its decked out inside out with a 120. Kilograms of the goal all the current six point eight million dollars it's it was a tribute to. Very rare rich Middle Eastern businessman but it's -- -- need proof as well -- If that somebody wants to. Basically. -- with the 570 rounds fired from an aching for a seven as -- attacks from two hand grenades if you want. -- -- weekend that is -- ridiculous. I analyzes exists almost seven million dollar -- pretty much yeah because -- -- statement from its extensive. Good to win over Texas I don't ought to get -- -- make your money from both Jesse -- agenda that. Good morning thanks to work.

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{"id":15908172,"title":"Cleavage and Chess Matches","duration":"2:59","description":"Dress code bans low-cut blouses on women.","url":"/WNN/video/cleavage-chess-matches-15908172","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}