Clive Davis in a War of Words with Kelly Clarkson

The music mogul says that the singer burst into tears when he tried to suppress a song.
3:46 | 02/20/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Clive Davis in a War of Words with Kelly Clarkson
-- -- that was all right Todd Davis in the news this week on on two fronts first. Become an issue bubbly with Kelly Clarkson club as a new memoir -- -- -- deal detailing his. Decades the music business certainly -- a mobile has built many many careers. -- his new book the soundtrack of my life he recalls a meeting with Kelly that. -- quote a very tough conversation and it didn't get any easier when Kelly burst into hysterical sobbing. When discussing the inclusion that saw her big -- since U been gone but her second album. Kosovars -- is not -- at all these stories and songs are mixed up. Couldn't be more proud of that song I resilient dampening that song in any way I refuse to be bullied but just have to clear up his memory lapses and missing in relation. Feels like a violation of -- it was a tough meeting at a -- very different sides of the story terms of what. Went down apparently no love lost between five and ms. Clarkson and on top of that -- an interview and exclusive ABC news on Nightline earlier this week. And admitted for the first time ever that he is bisexual says he has been hit him in August amid strong monogamous relationship with a man for the past seven years before that was with the doctor for fourteen years but says -- -- -- attracted to women therefore he calls himself by sexual so -- just put it all kinds of stuff out there. About his personal Barak ousted Davis that they -- in eighty years old I think he is hit Haiti is. So I can't tell them ourselves do -- OK something that's really sweet adorable so. Many of these all for Valentine's Day -- into the room you know the chocolates in the flowers and everything else instead he went a different -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Okay. Okay. A. Yeah he's really good -- that he annually that we didn't work out what is that he. I was inspired to do -- after seeing Rihanna perform and what the hell wouldn't doubt he obtained -- -- and an aunt. And heat did -- on a flight for his girlfriend. And of course he says the rest is history so. Just a beautiful -- if you share the whole thing it's really sweet. Very very nice -- and -- next saying -- and a history of taking him out of real like the I had to -- mom you'll remember to -- -- of course he's been dead since 1996 or so it makes it. O'Brien now saying that she will release an entire body of work and I just ran through this really quickly by the way since he's been -- he had now released Saturday. Song -- sending its entire albums what thirteen fourteen songs per -- three and then work made it all the league's number one on the billboard 200. And of course if you remember last year to box fans saw hologram of him which is -- really great at the Coachella valley music art festival. Music and arts festival. Twitter when -- -- there he lives. There could -- -- snoop dog. But since -- -- company has gone bankrupt so anyway. To pocket Batman while that we know what you're probably watch them -- of the right now we know your -- on the terms as. -- -- -- -- -- -- My -- I don't mean yeah. Reaganism yeah. To -- the Wal-Mart last weekend. Way before they thought to bond completely. He's a lack let me let -- yeah recommendations on -- the immediate family.

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{"id":18544241,"title":"Clive Davis in a War of Words with Kelly Clarkson","duration":"3:46","description":"The music mogul says that the singer burst into tears when he tried to suppress a song.","url":"/WNN/video/clive-davis-war-words-kelly-clarkson-18544241","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}