Clues and Speculation Over a Royal Pregnancy

A study shows that if you work more than 80 hours per week your chances for a heart attack increases
3:00 | 09/12/12

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Transcript for Clues and Speculation Over a Royal Pregnancy
All right so. V the question -- to. Kate Middleton and -- getting pregnant wasn't what and like how long it's gonna happen but it looks like it might be happening avenue was gonna happen shortly -- -- daily beat Alex. The Daily -- -- reporting that. She turned out a glass of wine. It's a pretty good clue two glasses of wine to be more specific she's watching anymore turned out Botswana Alex -- our military. As part of a nine day tour of southeast Asia and the South Pacific and -- she toasted the queen. Twice with water will was drinking. She was an interstate and -- Enjoy two and they enjoy -- beginning to enjoy wine and you know when they were engaged me out of me wanna have a happy family and most royals -- cut expected to have a baby or get pregnant within the first year why so they say she may have a baby -- as well I I don't CFCs say that she's tiny. You notice she's Morrison -- -- close. Not really I'm really not -- pay attention to bad but she's beautiful so maybe she does have that pregnant while she is abusing yet. With or without that India pool I think I'm gonna guess yes the little bundle of joy royal bundle of Julius Simon guest let's talk about Chris -- got a new tattoo. On the side of his neck and but I really can't win they would take a look at it right -- -- people are saying that it looks like. A bruised version of Rihanna space. That is not the case of course mile region this story here -- the rep for brown confirmed to -- ABC that the tattoo is not Rihanna. Apparently he's the -- was called -- sugar -- associated with the Mexican celebration of the Day of The Dead. And here's here's actually what -- tattoo was taken from. And apparently it's appealing right now so it's not really in his final state with a tattoo on his neck is not Rihanna. And that's. Not served by and that tightest and all. -- -- -- -- It's a choice I don't bolder tags for my neck write good music lot of -- decisions personally asking Angelina Jolie we know that she's the philanthropist and alternatives -- benefactor wants she. The -- some refugees in Jordan as the Syrian refugees in Jordan apparently 200000. Have fled to Jordan but 20000 in this refugee camp -- Atari and she. -- met separately with women she said what's really heartbreaking is when serious people ask -- why no one's able to find a solution for them but she was there. On a do good mission which then the UN trying to you just encourage them and -- gather more information as well but -- She's a good woman are good for -- always given back to society. Well so what Katy Kirk our -- -- ABC's Katie Kirk she launches a big daytime show. Huge hit lol where a big ratings winner Katie -- triumphant return to daytime TV -- the biggest ratings were syndicated talk show launched in a decade. Katie her unveiling -- tied doctor bills premiere which went back in September 2002. They've been 25 daytime talk show debuts since then. -- eighties is the the number one gosh what a time slot in the biggest markets of new York and Los Angeles. And she outscored Steve Harvey by 87% Jeff Brooks by a 150%. And Ricki Lake. By 250%. And Jessica Simpson I -- gets a little credit there because she was the big -- of the first episodes -- -- procession -- in the viewers along with Katie. So congratulations updating the first time that Jessica really showed herself and revealed how much -- -- -- lost since the baby was -- OK if you ever wonder what Oprah -- she's 58 out musgrave and if you don't want to -- who looks like maybe in her seventies she revealed -- -- an answer that she's -- and this new biopic which -- that's Butler of many of the president's his name is a postseason games it's the -- season games and she's playing. His wife and we see pictures right here with -- Ronald and the misses Chad -- another half that Lenny Kravitz she looks great. Even yeah.

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{"id":17215737,"title":"Clues and Speculation Over a Royal Pregnancy","duration":"3:00","description":"A study shows that if you work more than 80 hours per week your chances for a heart attack increases","url":"/WNN/video/clues-speculation-royal-pregnancy-17215737","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}