‘Coming 2 America’ has arrived!

ABC's Will Ganss goes one-on-one with the actress Luenell, who shares secrets from filming the blockbuster comedy!.
3:16 | 03/05/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for ‘Coming 2 America’ has arrived!
More than three decades after we first met prince I came in setting us we are going back to America. All I don't know go majesty. Time for coming to America. Good to make a movie 32 years later. And have everybody looked. Damn near exactly saying much as they did thirty Jillian got under Regina may not and now they would link saying you're not mean. Well joining the cast for the highly anticipated sequel to the 1988. Comedy classic this like sex and disc past looked like it was so much fun was it. It was super fund every single day. You had many comics on acts. And then the rest rock icon James Earl Jones Arsenio Hall Sherry Hadley and of course Eddie Murphy. This you also working together in DelHomme might is mining I was thinking about what that kind. Comedy written comedies it would save the city you're not tired Eddie Murphy after dole and I and now coming to America I mean you've been spending a lot of eyewitness. Eddie is a rank you don't wanna watch him all the time you might want to walk wanna watch and drink water you want to watch it around as he crab legs are that the end result. You know and onset of coming to America Tracy Morgan ended. The party going. New yards away in you have economy. And I remember Latin. Particular gay straight news. And community we were in the in the tank. And everybody broke into being a target time of farming. Like teens bared from her aunt. And even a the crew. And I think. It. I. And Doug rounding looting. Brunell those onset dance parties where a family affair my daughter is in the count you down. Again. The Bay Area banks in Seattle analyst. Who knew way to used yeah. Jokes aside Ledell says this movie is for every one. Few kids it would tell and the good that would tell mom it is legitimately you don't need in L watts is how you look back on this experience of only coming to America. Been most difficult thing. At an end to hold onto the pitches or year. And our moles rocketing important. Got so. To be the biggest secret I've ever have. That conversation with so much fun or speaking with her for a full forty minutes. The you can check out lewd LA DRs video and sell many top secret cameo appearances Morgan Freeman salt and and more in coming to America streaming right now on Amazon prime video you guys. Oh my god well I don't know we've seen Eddie's eniac. I so I was due what I put it like. Speaking and surprise our early I was like scrubbing through it like trying to see who like it's because I knew she kept telling me you're not gonna believe this scene you won't believe who's in it so. That's and I started looking for those celeb cameos. Scott she and that's what I was an amendment is regardless of F you've watched it. At he had a watching yet you wanna watch it because there's so many big hitters on the.

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{"duration":"3:16","description":"ABC's Will Ganss goes one-on-one with the actress Luenell, who shares secrets from filming the blockbuster comedy!.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"76273193","title":"‘Coming 2 America’ has arrived!","url":"/WNN/video/coming-america-arrived-76273193"}