Confetti Confidential: Blunder Hits Parade

How did shredded police documents end up at the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade?
2:57 | 11/26/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Confetti Confidential: Blunder Hits Parade
This story I find fascinating and scary and always wonder where they get all the confetti for those courageous he's obviously here. Dallas release -- had in the big Macy's day Thanksgiving parade. There may make Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade here in New York big huge break when of the biggest in the country -- -- -- -- the -- kind of fall on their -- Takes a little piece of paper is -- there's something all of you who -- what turns out those little piece of confetti. People's phone numbers their addresses and Social Security numbers the license plate numbers even -- not just any bodies. Personal information actually belong to him -- -- -- Nassau county police department including cops who work. Under cover so these are like detectives whose information somehow tell the shredded paper and whoever documents they shredded -- got out there this. This actually was very private information now with -- is looking into what happened here very scared -- -- they even some information about Mitt Romney's motorcade from the final presidential debate because it was at Hofstra University which is in the county so very crazy -- I would want to Wear the -- what they've really fun to -- -- lot of personal information for the float in the sky here in New York. On the cops information -- -- Thanksgiving parade that's. Plays like a scene from homeland -- -- have all those little. You -- continued -- related to -- fifty crazy stuff. -- sell up nearly half a brand new invention from Cadbury -- have invented chocolate maybe melt in your mouth to -- not so -- And apparently will stay silent for three hours and withstand heat up -- -- 104 degrees currently I guess chocolate -- 93 degrees but this kind of every. But -- there a British companies not want you to be sold. -- Britain which has. Britain's serious you can imagine and we still look like really really hot temperatures and climates like India and present but apparently there's an 8000 word. Patent application -- works. And days said that had -- the changes in the so called conscience step. I don't really know what that means but it according to this the punching -- has been changed and they can now with C 104 degrees for Howell. 804 degrees up to three hours -- work well state solve the three hours -- pretty impressive that's good. All similar and I -- -- that's credit. As he accepted -- getting you'll get interesting new Gallup poll it's down at the -- we meaning Americans get. The heavier our ideal body weight becomes other words fat and happy we are fat and happy in this country -- -- say. -- their ideal -- -- fourteen pounds heavier -- in the study first we get back in 1990 on average. May no -- sixty pounds more than twenty years ago women's ideal weight was off eleven felt over the same time since ninety with their average actual -- rising fourteen counts. Fat and happy that the America that -- younger -- him and that's I'm gonna go -- -- -- fat. And happy with some water that the legendary -- -- put me that coffin with a drumstick and there but like I'm my sense of security -- of thank you -- right there that have kept at.

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{"id":17810499,"title":"Confetti Confidential: Blunder Hits Parade","duration":"2:57","description":"How did shredded police documents end up at the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade?","url":"/WNN/video/confetti-confidential-blunder-hits-parade-17810499","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}