Congress Office Lottery

New members of Congress compete in an office lottery. ABC's Ali Rogin explains.
2:50 | 01/30/17

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Transcript for Congress Office Lottery
Beautiful line looking there and our nation's capital hard to imagine there's so much trouble we see a beautiful image of like mad but it's a very I'm it's it's an American rite of passage to say the least that most Americans don't even know. Gacy is newly elected members of the House of Representatives converge on the nation's capital they're forced to play game attain it's to find out where. They're due offices are going to be important stuff here is ABC's Alley wrote. As president trump settles into the world's most famous workplace. This is the of wolves the fifty freshman members of the US house got their own pieces of Washington real estate the a tradition since 190 wait. Newcomers take part in a lottery to determine their first office on Capitol Hill. Some members tried to summon leading luck with quirky poses and dance moves. Others like Lou Correia out of California sought divine intervention and in his case it paid off. Mr. paraded through Yahoo! wants a that meant he got the first pick of available offices. Going for one in the longworth building. Welcome here today to my beautiful out there you go out and buy some lottery ticket after you won if I would at a chance I would have done it features dark wood panels. And a piece of a bike on congressional Ara. Right behind you there's a buzzer there in that buzzer there is for the good old days and have pay jurors. Hand when they call due to the floor for a vote that buzzer went Nazi had to run out of the floored. Korea's colleague Charlie Crist of Florida. Wasn't so lucky on lottery day mr. Chris drew number fifty. Okay. But he says it's all relative. The sprint I thought that someone complain. Saying I know you relax and moderate but Pennsauken since his pretty this wonderful Christie is in good company to. Office number 427 in the cannon building is where Lyndon Johnson and Dick Cheney began their congressional careers they both had this office as freshmen. So it's kind of cool very bipartisan. That's not the only feature that sets this office apart it's also split in half with a public bathroom in the middle this is interesting. Your office starts here yes and then there's a ladies' room there's a split. As we. And there's a view of the capitol dome if he cranes his neck and if there it is Paul Bedard. But it might not be the oval but it's plenty for this new house member and his vote the winner and loser of the lottery will tell you. It's not about the office and self but the work that gets done there Alley Rogen ABC news Capitol Hill. Jim we're sure elves and another picture awards and never be inspection but a quarter Illini status read off the end of nice day and never matter. First ladies happy.

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{"duration":"2:50","description":"New members of Congress compete in an office lottery. ABC's Ali Rogin explains. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"45138938","title":"Congress Office Lottery","url":"/WNN/video/congress-office-lottery-45138938"}