Coolest Gadgets for Dad

Tech contributor Tina Trinh shows some great Father's Day gifts for dad.
4:14 | 06/12/13

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Transcript for Coolest Gadgets for Dad
If you -- that -- Father's Day shopping yet the clock is ticking but we're here to help you when you think of -- you have to think of guy toys ABC's tech contributor -- trend is here with a list of the coolest gadgets for death. Good morning to putting -- -- stuck gadgets for dad -- first up is dollar share of -- discus as subscription service. You know ocean racers -- -- -- -- toothbrushes you you know you probably should replace America or months the end of using it when you have friends on it and -- and it gets really yell and it's like starting to hurt me is that losing isn't too lazy to change yes and -- well this is a no -- you basically signed add up for monthly subscription -- He gets in the mail either two blades four blades six blade razor. How much the costs. It's either one dollar month six or nine dollars a month. Super chief. -- -- -- -- -- a trip to the drugstore you know speaking as a -- the best thing about that is guys just don't. Do stuff like to go yeah I gotta go to the -- -- -- -- the drugstore and bought myself some some shooting courses but you never do this just right at a -- -- this -- but actually exactly bring -- -- to the -- are generally up next. -- -- businesses from sesame gifts they haven't app that lets you order. -- put together packages. -- dad and this is called their king of the -- set it basically has everything he needs -- he's a barbecue maestro -- -- To get started seeing where barbecue sauce these are like some kind of would -- snag -- -- -- -- -- -- smoke would flavor on me. Pretty nice have never actually -- that this is my favorite thing in the I don't have a glove like this would -- news I just sit there and grab stuff and burn myself and I just that night but affected many tried the club might -- -- And I like that idea what do you next. These are -- Smart watches I love these watches they're -- it's basically do everything for you if you don't have your -- around maybe you're putting in the other -- If you have this -- -- don't tell you when you have an incoming call -- -- text message it's your calendar it reminds you of upcoming appointments. You can check in on -- but I just pushing a button and -- overwhelmed by my three G device like this this is. Is another device to tell me that my three G devices saying -- have a -- That you could set your thighs and across the room and use the watch to take the picture actually so it seems like a little spy -- thing you could like sort of sprint yeah. There and then across the room you can take it. I think that pitcher like that that's gone really well especially for -- -- to you about this. For -- -- and -- this is the perfect accessory it's the harmony Logitech ultimate remote -- -- -- and that is remotely alternate. -- what it says everything he can hook up to. 15 devices with this morning we'll go to original longer than now to that now -- I hasn't been that might have to look at it. So this is really nice because as a touch screen you can -- all of you put all of your favorite channels are there are so they're just ready at a go -- we have next. I love the idea of an automated home completely controlled by -- found. So this will make life a little bit easier for dad around the house because you can plugging anything like a coffeemaker -- -- You know acting commissioner for the coffee maker into this you and using and then -- can meaning you can control commuters are -- been hit the button in the we'll start you can also get -- motion sensor to. So if for instance that it senses motion lighter -- from the home -- it'll send a text and internal lights at united he didn't make plans earlier than you decide who later in -- the house we wanted you can. Yes that's great -- -- the home of the future right now this is okay ultimate awesome -- he came here. That moves and -- moves but I like it just the -- this is. DRC cooler it's it's a beer just relaxing Ali stick ice and -- -- area. And he tankers and -- -- interest. -- -- -- -- -- -- But I think this is awesome just the same it's just one of those silly things that guys so yes sign me up he's -- -- yes. And he could stuff that -- anything about you. All right thank you very much to ABC's Tina trend look for more details on all these problems our FaceBook fan page W an advanced dot com.

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{"id":19379970,"title":"Coolest Gadgets for Dad","duration":"4:14","description":"Tech contributor Tina Trinh shows some great Father's Day gifts for dad.","url":"/WNN/video/coolest-gadgets-dad-19379970","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}