Coolest Toys for a Hot Summer

Laurie Schacht with plenty of toys to keep the kids smiling this summer.
4:10 | 06/03/13

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Transcript for Coolest Toys for a Hot Summer
Summertime is playtime for kids and there's a seemingly endless list of toys to choose from in here to help narrow it down a bit. Is that toy insider mom Laurie Shaq Laurie welcome back -- -- that cool stuff when he got tonight. I'm you know I'm not summertime -- -- we get outside -- active yet and things that I really enjoy -- that's because they're great for kids of only do so for our older kids were thinking about I expect that you that scooters. But youngest let's -- right I'm never throw these -- -- -- -- little kid will eventually be at the house -- I loved and treated us to this. Plasma it's really unite its portable -- I love that alone should keep eighteen months and that. He noticed when I immediately got accused so recently swindles. And it's really easy -- -- to maneuver. That's really really very very good. Eight seats seem toys who doesn't love to play in the and these these molded to those animals and right for our littlest ones that are just learning their letters still have -- our kids even grownups we'll make messages in the Santa. At the end of the stomach don't put this some way it works in the -- out. And is the kind of thing we can actually be lazy on the blanket and and not have to move to for the -- Let it had nothing -- how do you want to. That withstand that make that -- -- doesn't get out of give -- some water familiar with the matter that's what we have architects. Not -- -- it's really not this is just got that yeah -- -- -- prison sort of and you can throw or don't like we're like that you can also. Status so it's another -- to play catch and not -- in the backyard of the park ticket the poll taken out an initial that's an exit basically this has been out of prison for the -- yeah that's really really fun. -- Max Wright pat pat pat pat that at the beach sounds good. -- -- -- so we're thinking about games are thinking about rainy day but not always this is jumbled Atlantic grams. So what we have is great -- -- take this to the beach the pool. And it's word -- -- what you're doing is taking -- tiles you wanna be the first one to use as many as possible and built across north and brakes -- things a little -- and thirty to get my -- down and it all comes this great carry Paul good. We're asking you -- when -- can't catch cats still -- this is just to catchers that it's really simple. On -- -- well it -- it you get in now. Put -- -- taking anywhere with -- -- at the beach no doubt about it at. Everyone we meet and -- answer is yes we -- we allow helicopters we love things I would like Natalie that's perfect. So this is our air hot saw blade you do it does not mean a whole matter now -- itself you can play this single up or you -- at a -- -- -- -- Here. And -- about it I. And that -- -- still -- -- doesn't -- and you commitments and. House you know -- you -- not. And it's durable kids -- all -- Since many many times I loved that things is expensive and now it's about forty dollars that's tremendous OK I sit out. The best part about summer -- -- -- Wonderful and you bet these supercenters and neither Austin these rehearsals doing its shout at we have not a single stream of what it because we're in the studio -- What you have they aren't here -- different settings. -- -- you -- your friends in a single stream at triple streamed sought. Or a big blast of -- you can make sure they are soaking wet but let's say let's -- there was -- -- -- the trigger right and this is all. And company wolf climate had now been fought -- up -- -- act act act. I loved the net and -- you reading and oh yeah we've got -- yeah. -- -- -- the bankruptcy or I'm sorry but I wanna do another I'd. The five that I must community to get to they and wider and wider so I want to like it's brain like -- the whole picnic -- I don't -- -- wider street I love. How much he's -- at issue that's when and I dollars. Very nice yes good -- as always Laurie appreciate it. Our thinking to the toy insider mom more shack with a W and and fans dot com for more details on all these great -- you -- -- world news now.

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{"id":19312896,"title":"Coolest Toys for a Hot Summer","duration":"4:10","description":"Laurie Schacht with plenty of toys to keep the kids smiling this summer.","url":"/WNN/video/coolest-toys-hot-summer-laurie-schahct-19312896","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}