Coronavirus mixed messages

ABC News’ Kenneth Moton speaks with Dr. Mike Varshavski, who’s using his massive social media presence to set the record straight on conflicting information surrounding COVID-19.
4:31 | 03/23/20

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Transcript for Coronavirus mixed messages
Doctor mark thank you for joining us the big headline this morning the White House and federal officials telling labs across this country to prioritize. In patient testing that means those. Who are the sickest who actually have this corner virus potentially getting tests it first before. The masses your thoughts. I think that's. A really good first step because those who are admitted to hospitals really deserve. More acute care they're usually the ones that are have been worse symptoms and are potentially going to be admitted to the icu if their symptoms worsen. So I think putting them as a priority is not a bad idea. I think what we need to avoid as a society is rushing to get tested when we're having very mild symptoms or are asymptomatic. Because a lot of times all that does is you'll also reassurance. Encouraging us to go outside and spend time with friends or family. When that's the last thing we should be doing and instead socially distancing ourselves. It's going into a another week of dealing with this pandemic what's your biggest concern. My biggest concern is the capacity of our hospitals. I practice in New Jersey but I living York city and I know that the hospitals are nearing capacity very quickly. Now we are building access hospitals but unless we have the ventilator is provided to us doctors can't magically make patients better. Coming off another weekend of people being told to social distance to take this pandemic seriously. How did the American people do I think this weekend showed a lot of solidarity at least here in years city from what I've seen. The street had been near empty pop near time square I don't see a single soul on the streets at 9 PM on Saturday night in Times Square. I think that's something to celebrate I think the amount of people that stay home has been really impressive that's not to see he's been perfect. In pandemic in a crisis like this rarely do you get a perfect result. The vice president says some of the CDC will announce new guidance that will allow those who have been exposed or asymptomatic to return to work sooner than earlier. Recommend that recommended fourteen days. Is that still risk. Because this situation is evolving so rapidly. Research gets published to the CDC faster than gotten to my hands. So you're seeing some sort of reassuring signs that you can bring people to the work force earlier rather than later. I'm happy to hear that I just hope that they're doing that safely. So doctor Mike I wanna read this headline from men's health this says YouTube's doctor Mike is using Internet fame and hot doctor nets. To battle co written nineteen. You've got nearly ten million followers on your social media platforms are how're you using. All of this celebrity and medical knowledge to help people during this pandemic. Well I think medical information for so long has been slightly corrupt elite media because. In order to get attention when you're talking about how it's not necessarily an exciting subject. And I really came into this and said no we're gonna take the information and hold it to the highest evidence based standard. However we're gonna do it while having some fun making it relatable watching some medical dramas and talking about what medicine we get right what medicine they get wrong. And now I think it's the ultimate proving Poindexter had such a crisis in our country. My fears are getting to you to five million views. Which is similar to some of the biggest shows on television I think it shows that if you're trustworthy individual you know what you're talking about people will call. And I urge other medical professionals to get outside. Don't be afraid published contact but do so responsibly. He makes some great points there and a minister when I gotta say next while you drink your water. The knob thirsty but that he said that beautifully. Now on diet drink your water pan am Gregor act your parts. I got people are desperate for information Mona it's why we're who Wear it. Who had interviewing medical professionals doctors every single morning here award is now on GMA world news tonight on Nightline. Because people want to hear a raw unfiltered. I'm information about what's going on from that during this pandemic. From a reliable source and I think something that he said it was very interesting is also. Pat ourselves on the pack them back and you stay at home. This weekend and you list send it to the CDC guidelines and listen to what Governor Cuomo and all the other governors were saying that congratulations because you are helping. And send a curb or whether things flatten a curve and in in the UC those images of people silent about. At least you can say that US and yes definitely.

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{"duration":"4:31","description":"ABC News’ Kenneth Moton speaks with Dr. Mike Varshavski, who’s using his massive social media presence to set the record straight on conflicting information surrounding COVID-19.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"69747821","title":"Coronavirus mixed messages","url":"/WNN/video/coronavirus-mixed-messages-69747821"}