Countdown to Jon Stewarts Return to 'The Daily Show'

Jon Stewart will return to his show after spending the summer directing his first feature film.
3:11 | 09/03/13

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Transcript for Countdown to Jon Stewarts Return to 'The Daily Show'
Welcome back to you only get your news from us and The Daily Show -- you've probably been hurt. And Jon Stewart hasn't been there all summer instead it's been John Oliver we'll get flights starting today. This evening Jon Stewart is making his big return. He's been a little bit of a hiatus he's been in Jordan for the summer directing a film called rose water did not know this but this is incredibly interesting. This is a film that tells a true story of an Iran born journalist who was detained by Iranian officials and held as a -- -- spy in solitary confinement for three months. This is very special connection to -- though because apparently some of the proof that they used against this journalist. Was very obvious and playful video that John used on hit shelves of that journalists just as a spy. And use that over and Iran against him so this holds a very wild pitch deep connection to -- -- that's why he went over there to do it so look after that movie rose moderately she's been are absolutely right. Today that's that life. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Dakota Johnson it's gonna stars anesthesia steel and Charlie. Harlem as Christian grad and now what Johnson is the daughter Melanie Griffith and Don Johnson mother -- -- Iraq. That and she's famous for that minor -- -- -- social network make it for speech when he one jump street five year engagement. -- -- -- The British. -- currently stars as Jack Taylor on the FX series sons of -- Dini was in Pacific -- child children -- -- mountain Nicklaus in the committee won't end up by the way there's there's other I didn't realize this but there's three in the series -- trilogy yes that's right I guess these guys are really getting going back -- -- three of the -- several -- -- them all out of when I'm getting mean and all of that only going to be a lot of scenes where they don't have a lot of clothing yeah the entire I have read the books but I I've not -- the gist of the bucks don't think I don't think much more than sex happens in these that he got my it's about soft -- into higher tax apparently the software congratulations guys. That makes a return to the stage that this is only for funds of the Malibu there -- happened last weekend on September 1 he took the stage with his wife Arlene van -- And they don't want exit out bad. On stage back from the very hot and David let's take -- couldn't -- saying he. And it. 86 years old -- you may remember a couple just a couple of weeks ago he was in the news because of the near tragic car accident wherever I wouldn't even -- -- charged panic or complaints. He was fine -- is on stage just yet leave yeah. And we made one but it was good one cannot believe how great it still such great -- obviously. Forgot all right share talk about still have a -- talk about turning back time he asks Lisa right -- -- old -- That's going to be her new release -- closer to the truth until -- eleven tracks seventeen on the deluxe edition. And yet check her -- she's all grown there where the blonde hair a -- shoulder. -- As she looks great let's hope she sounds -- -- -- you know.

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{"id":20140129,"title":"Countdown to Jon Stewarts Return to 'The Daily Show'","duration":"3:11","description":"Jon Stewart will return to his show after spending the summer directing his first feature film.","url":"/WNN/video/countdown-jon-stewarts-return-daily-show-20140129","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}