Cover Girl's New Face

A model with cancer shows the "real" look on the cover of Cover Girl.
3:00 | 10/18/12

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Transcript for Cover Girl's New Face
-- welcome to make sure this is a story that. Is heartwarming and heartbreaking all in winds -- why and how -- enjoy Castellano she. Has -- -- -- -- and leukemia and she is an honorary face tough cover girl and she also has a great platform through YouTube. Her videos -- attracted over fourteen million viewers -- she teaches little girls how to apply. Their make up again she said she started her out with two forms of kid sister make up -- -- -- -- on she feels like you can embrace the features that she really loves about herself. And she says it could really giving in the make up about six years ago because if she hated lakes wearing them -- -- -- -- -- radiation. Stem cell transplants blood transfusions. All of this it pretty much in a -- -- there's a possibility she could undergo a bone marrow transplant she's leaning towards not having it which means she's only have four months to one year to -- the -- To her resolve and her attitude John she says -- -- I've gotten so many benefits from cancer having YouTube Chan out of the journey of cancer of having it was amazing that after journey has an end. -- -- it's been a gift cancers and get but it's a horrible horrible thing. At an inspiring -- beautiful absolutely. -- apparently that is inspiring. Carlos talk about another inspiring story. That's good get -- -- -- -- -- slightly disturbing but very inspiring the results of the most extensive. Face transplant ever unveiled seven months later and the results are startling it was basically the most extensive face transplant ever try to undertake it. -- hundred doctors operated on this man who shot him. He was shot himself in the face originally and you see the pictures there. He's -- Norris from Hillsboro Virginia and these -- the pictures that were released at gun accident happened fifteen years ago. And his -- sense of smell part of this -- or gone after that accident he underwent multiple life saving surgeries. And he was given a new face teeth tongue jaw an extensive transplant he says -- I can walk past people and they don't even given a second look can you -- To -- -- carries out. -- in France although elderly young kids -- gonna wanna move -- -- right away after hearing this president whether this new agenda that China's agenda. He announced part of his plan for education -- more reform and includes a ban on all of homework. The Wall Street Journal quotes -- -- my -- this case and must be done in -- school rather than in the home of the -- support the children and re establish equality but about two thirds of the country opposing. Perhaps I agree that I can sometimes -- too much homework and it's like really can be a pain in the neck can't physically and opinion and absolutely but but maybe a little bit yeah now -- Fifteen seconds -- and directed. Phoenix I -- I actually dialed my. I had when my daughter doesn't -- and -- wait till it gets. We have to look at why -- analog cellular way to the algebra starts eight Cleveland -- -- equals YC squared transit property of equality. Dismayed that.

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{"id":17505323,"title":"Cover Girl's New Face","duration":"3:00","description":"A model with cancer shows the \"real\" look on the cover of Cover Girl.","url":"/WNN/video/cover-girls-face-17505323","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}