Craigslist Coffin Sale Digs Up Controversy

An Iowa man tried selling the antique coffin knowing it came with human remains.
2:56 | 06/24/13

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Transcript for Craigslist Coffin Sale Digs Up Controversy
Welcome to the mix and we start with a bizarre story didn't have the one coming out of Iowa today you know you can -- pregnancy can find just about anything and clearly you back. And I I had decided to sell an antique coffee and on the list and it was a very sustained ad it said oak coffin on -- well -- -- -- And turned up it was a full skeleton inside. Did you notice what he -- that yes he did my goodness Mary there's a cop and he it was for the bargain price of 121000. Dollars. Anyway he wanted to sit hate property taxes on -- -- that belonged to now defunct chapter of the independent order of odd fellows which basically helps others with a personal and social development is kind of like an old English thank. I'm so heat he's home safe ending its -- it's been sitting there for years as long as I can remember it was apparently donated to the order by a doctor there that the -- and the remains. And I officials got ahold of it said he can't do this but here I find even more hot than telling a problem with the -- and it. This really a -- in Iowa that without proper identification papers human remains can't legally be sold. The guy's in trouble once -- what I'm saying is you can -- human remains that there's proper identification attacks. -- -- -- -- -- even trouble it doesn't say that here anyway in the article that we may have been able to dig up bargains. Very amusing starring -- white -- on all and we have a bone to pick that out love me had a listen to this point you know what you like -- months -- stop my. Teen dating gonna turn to bring a much in your little kid -- turns out there's a new research study that says TV is actually making kids Smart Perez. Yet new study suggests the opposite is true and that. Kids are glued to TV for a few hours -- -- outperform classmates who watch. A lot of -- don't know what. Kids -- -- this is a study out of London and the author of the study says it's contrary to what the expectations that they thought that the educational value children's television has been underestimated. It might expose kids to more vocabulary words in such. And it's pretty comprehensive study 111000 British seven year -- tracks and store wow how to watch a lot of TV was smarter. See all the books that -- Eighteen don't think to kids in front of the television and to forget about them -- busy doing all the housework get that you need to interact with them if you're watching television I don't know what to -- about -- -- -- -- -- I tell -- we both want to tonic -- raised us what about that well. Yeah really thirty minute thirty seconds tell -- -- -- -- -- quite to that colonel Sanders of -- disease awareness it went up for auction the real one when a fraction including the little black. About tie in all of ahead of Casey independent body for 21000. Dollars. Check it out you. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- This play out -- and then he also got the colonels and Kentucky driver's license their real one for just under. 2000. Dollars -- -- the Japanese have a fascination with colonel -- The bet that.

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{"id":19471710,"title":"Craigslist Coffin Sale Digs Up Controversy","duration":"2:56","description":"An Iowa man tried selling the antique coffin knowing it came with human remains.","url":"/WNN/video/craigslist-coffin-sale-digs-up-controversy-19471710","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}