Crazy Legs' on-the-ground mission to provide clean water to Puerto Rico

The hip-hop pioneer teamed up with Red Bull and Waves for Water to help Hurricane Maria victims in Puerto Rico. ABC's Briana Stewart reports.
5:28 | 12/26/17

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Transcript for Crazy Legs' on-the-ground mission to provide clean water to Puerto Rico
The nearly 100 days since hurricane Maria pummeled. Puerto Rico and many people there are still. Without power and a lack of resource is on the ground is making it difficult. To help victims who ironies yeah that's right ABC's Rihanna Stewart talks to one legendary dancer. Who has teamed up with Red Bull to provide that much news now. Hip hop pioneer Richard hormone aching a crazy lake is one of the world's most thinking people. Back in the eighties the New York City native and his friend started the legendary Rock Steady Crew. He went from break dancing in the streets of the South Bronx to dancing all over the world sacked him they are dancing systemic revealed Friday that. My timing back and and the movie black stand. Crazy legs had a long history of giving back to his community. And now the famous new iriki using his connections as rebels hip hop ambassador. To provide disaster relief in Puerto Rico. I told my friends look as soon as you see a plane in this guy. I don't know how many get them but only the of one of those planes with the help of dreadful and leaves for water nonprofit group which provides clean water all of the world. He and his longtime hip hop buddies started rock steady for like the campaign is on the ground aid to victims affected by hurricane Maria. What was it like the first time attacked after her. Senior a part time and he and. Really heartbreaking it looked like Obama releases and destroyed everything. It's been three months. Hurricane Maria rapids but every now. The category four arm caused an estimated 95 billion dollars in damages the number of people killed Phelan question. The official death total is sixty for a but unofficially. It may be more than 1000. I could tell you in days like Goldman and I can't even imagine because. I have the luxury of walking away nearly 300000. Puerto Ricans have fled to Florida. Many expected to day in the US mainland for good but tens of thousands from mean on the island. Reeling in the aftermath with few having access to shelters but what does it cost effective. A couple of these days a game because none of them in what we have Aaron McKie who. It goes towards its consulates and speak. Think policy. Yes slow emergency response and water contamination are blamed for the high death total. While FEMA now says that most areas have possible water. Independent data shows most residents are still at risk. Particularly in areas without electricity more than 30% of the electrical grid is not generating power. Says the filter Paul member airport when my current and traps. Everything in here that's illogical that suites for waters rob McQueen he's been on the ground with Craig Heatley distributing water filters areas in need. They're teaching communities how to use the portables in them and selling them where they think north there water. One of these filters can active family of five up to twenty years the first how do you even when people. That it really where you use this up as the as a Guinea. But that make you feel good. Yeah I. Have a lot of people who see something like that it's they had no knowledge of it used to going to be suspect about a mile. I don't know. PA and you Teddy had demonstrated you let them though you also live and on the island as well. In terms of the impact. What kind of team since this thing what. Put yourself in the disaster instead of having to go to travel three or four you know villages over towns over and put yourself at risk and I traveled to get to clean water. Now you have the ability to have watering down house and take care of yourself and your payment gives you an independence but incredibly he and recovering from a natural disaster. Congress is weighing a possible vote for an. Funding can provide much needed resources to the American territory and admit my if from. The deaf and hard of hearing community. Those people are really think. With a half of the anti company empowered crazy legs and his team are also installing inflatable Philip Howard -- few lights inside homes without electricity. It is. You are. The let people. Despite the long road to recovery. Freaking me out to continue his relief efforts in Puerto Rico for the long term. I'm Puerto Ricans on the you can still have fun while doing this they can tap you out immensely. So in order to be fully effective have a little fun too because you are doing a good thing. Rihanna Stuart ABC news new you're. Certainly is doing your thing thanks to Rihanna for that report and it's incredible that they're still. Dealing with this and you know there are also victims of hurricane Herman Diana Florida still trying to bounce back there is well just last week the mayor of Houston. Asked for another 200 million saying they still. Need more for recovery there as well so I mean so many people still need help and so.

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{"duration":"5:28","description":"The hip-hop pioneer teamed up with Red Bull and Waves for Water to help Hurricane Maria victims in Puerto Rico. ABC's Briana Stewart reports. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"51997275","title":"Crazy Legs' on-the-ground mission to provide clean water to Puerto Rico","url":"/WNN/video/crazy-legs-ground-mission-provide-clean-water-puerto-51997275"}