Dad Gets Emotional Over Son's Grades

A son sets up a camera to see father's reaction to math test score.
2:54 | 10/22/13

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Transcript for Dad Gets Emotional Over Son's Grades
That that makes me start with an incredible reaction to a kid getting -- agreed on his math -- we don't a lot of admiration but it's a great -- down. Help this kid study for the math test right. Nelson and the -- males and and then -- at the the secret camera so that when he presents his test scores -- to -- can capture their reaction with the world -- -- not -- and check it out. Okay I'm. Yeah. And yeah. -- -- -- out. And we'll have a couple questions number one. -- doing before hand had been -- yeah. Driven out of the -- -- that matter says it's great plan you know I would think to some wants to get another reaction like that -- can get addictive. All general melodic hazy and dad -- that kind of reaction -- to go that. Artists -- about the -- -- granny this conspiracy the Daily Mail or name is Marian brown 63 a Michigan. She takes you two to entertain her grandson who lives a ways away and she's been doing all kinds of things and she's lately she has been rapping about -- -- Cursing and talking about bowel movements college -- it's. -- little. Did your hair turn gray did your teeth fall out. -- you can not stop it didn't kill me but that's what it's all about. You. Back and tell you -- needs -- -- radio show -- -- retirees to make a video since April she misses grandson two hours away in Chicago she's become quite a little viral sensation. To allow him. OK so check this out this is -- -- family that gets a kick out of essentially becoming. In the movie stars. -- characters for Halloween -- out. Three years ago this is valley city three years ago the family decided that they wanted to it. BE all the characters every single character. And in -- so here permanently to remind you this is. You know -- -- -- -- scary faces brain -- and then we're gonna have to this you're gonna be the wedding that's Liddy is red wedding dress right -- Not check out of his chair of the family there they all are the little girl is -- of those are the parents of the three debates it. The little boy of course -- Beatles invaded and stuff they are the very next year they decided that they wanted to -- with a couple of different things Edwards is -- -- so today. You've been little boy how are the other hand and little girl is great arts analysis -- -- terrific -- -- of the.

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{"id":20642389,"title":"Dad Gets Emotional Over Son's Grades","duration":"2:54","description":"A son sets up a camera to see father's reaction to math test score.","url":"/WNN/video/dad-emotional-sons-grades-20642389","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}