Dad Reacts to 'Rude'

A father makes a new video with his interpretation of the Magic! song.
2:55 | 07/15/14

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Transcript for Dad Reacts to 'Rude'
And now it's time for the -- so one dad responds to the song route and he takes it to a whole new level. For his daughter. Take us. Seeing little mind. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So Tony. Dungy being he -- said. So apparently he's never met his daughter's boyfriend works for fast food chain and he's sort of saying you've got to be better than that I wasn't as you see the mom in the background with a laundry like -- cameo look at that apply to the sun. Instead of with a laundry but it's of. Funny version -- like this song by batic that single they have great stuff -- -- that don't don't -- money that guy's daughters to their. -- -- and -- side exit the other World Cup this is just finished and now Brazil's left with twelve empty soccer stadiums many amazing but some French architects. Came up with some creative use is turning some of the stadiums into apartment buildings take a look at that doesn't loud colorful modules in the side there -- 11100 square feet enough for a family of -- were told. We didn't find seats -- that he keep the field and play some game clearly -- pretty yup that's interesting. Well there was a big catch. And if pretty incredible for Thomas Hollywood locked it official on July 9 and we couldn't see the freakish thing -- pulled out of the water. Take a look at this fish it's up go state excess heat -- to South Africa south American relative of the -- and the -- That's -- point they look very human like. And am hoping zoom in on it but it's kind of freakish and how much -- existence we're told is a vegetarian the most not a carnivore like the Kahane. -- and then fingers survive I take -- they don't -- right. Fish net. Many items and that maybe that that is you're -- do you think life and start we have to celebrate before we got to thank all of raider anniversary from South Korean pop -- side. Two years ago today oh boy -- maybe. You know yeah. Amazing job. Decide what's what from the virtual unknown. Global superstar just because of this video yeah magnitude. Pretty amazing that in advance but no I was can actually asking you to show me because this is your play well we -- -- -- there is there via. -- -- -- -- -- We're still watching the video like this and then came a new winter -- might not yeah pretty good soccer right here I think I didn't know dance party become my. They -- just kicking -- right. They let us get up we helped everybody at home is -- decided that -- views opinions about getting help covenant more news from ABC -- but --

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{"id":24562624,"title":"Dad Reacts to 'Rude'","duration":"2:55","description":"A father makes a new video with his interpretation of the Magic! song.","url":"/WNN/video/dad-reacts-rude-24562624","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}