Dad Surprises Son with a New Baseball Bat for His Birthday

The little leaguer was overcome with emotion after initially thinking his father forgot about his birthday.
3:58 | 07/26/16

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Transcript for Dad Surprises Son with a New Baseball Bat for His Birthday
British service makes with what really was a wonderful moment for a father and son especially for McCain and started out says. A horrible idea for him because he thought perhaps his dad. Had forgotten. His birthday. No no no such thing in fact dad. It was up to some tricks of this is before the baseball game is all laid down on himself. The sort of play out listen to what happened. Okay. That is hidden baseball that are. Readily retract his friend if you approach you. A deadly hit the baseball bat bears the weight in the trunk of the car he thought that had forgotten his birthday and then all lottery act ten boom. Chris dad didn't forget your birthday. Vertical pattern nicely natural reaction and then finally did get your body gets to that began ten yet he might have struck out for all of the NHL it's still early yet to make kind of bat. And so. This whole merging the thing we had didn't help hives dream yesterday we talked about the spaghetti goats yet anyway it's. It's not and my friend Bono the opening your mind to Bieber van berg yeah. Now what is essentially it's a cheeseburger. With pickles special off Burton and glazed bacon. And helping us some barbecue stuff although not at sesame seed bagel which might sound weird Kahane Eagles of course have a hole in the center for cancer goes in that hall. A shot of bullet fervent wow right in there. I can't say you know I don't eat red meat this is the one thing that can get me back bring ate a burger again. Yeah had a little blurb written yesterday I think we should get one for you try and Arab but it comes from Australia. Restaurants called chicken and sons and they've AdAware mark marketing message to party love and fatty so we have had mega. Gets back that is. My moniker like the super holy cow all right so it's began like. We ever food porn segment here going out so here in New York we have the red velvet crossed on that just sounds great and looks absolute commitment. But advocated easing to have the crone you've had the mass of milk shakes here in the city in. Elsewhere so it's my scrubbed after all has made this. Blair after earlier slinky red velvet flavored crust son joked. With the cream cheese. Custard and top of red velvet lace. That's pretty good. You know it often doesn't look at pretty people generally don't like to see adolescents the artistic card that. We have one artist that came out and decided to turn her feeding that's defending a former art design Pennsylvania translating English. An element belongs in these vehicles every bit. That I have to check was first set well with cancer and relax a person not move onto the next story hit I hit a hit it. Consider this further Clinton thing that it was she. Parents. Now they have great song yeah yeah. Three. It's a fascinating as her little research and when ruby was boring. Calvin Coolidge as a president who can you guess who is president when he was born 99 and I Bill Clinton hit her did easy quick act Dennis. But a few presidents and between.

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{"duration":"3:58","description":"The little leaguer was overcome with emotion after initially thinking his father forgot about his birthday.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"40888331","title":"Dad Surprises Son with a New Baseball Bat for His Birthday ","url":"/WNN/video/dad-surprises-son-baseball-bat-birthday-40888331"}