Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders Find a Win With Sexy Video

Their team didn't make the playoffs, but these cheerleaders still know how to show spirit.
3:00 | 01/13/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders Find a Win With Sexy Video
-- folks stuck in the mix. Playoffs -- happening. Let's get into the -- Dallas Cowboys now and I'm in the playoffs for the getting a lot of buzz anyway and why -- -- -- -- because of their cheerleaders than just released this really cool viral video. Mike got the OK let's say yeah yeah I saw him have a hard time thinking I got there and tropical these women use is one of those don't -- cameras attached to a cool. -- -- -- -- -- It's it's it's very cool always shop but I think the reason that it's gotten about 600 I think that was equally cool and equally hothouse that's okay by -- -- yes that's 500000. -- it was posted on YouTube just on January -- in the Dallas Cowboys. Players medicine and homeless cheerleaders are getting lots of -- do. And rightfully felt OK so. We -- -- this really interesting Perry -- that lord songs royal. OK so this woman named Molly wore ski I didn't parity of it -- -- teenage anthem but she did it. What life is like at thirty so take -- listen. I wish I hadn't. And I -- nice. So I guess her high school -- yeah yeah that's. The inspiration there and she is pursuing a career in comedy so -- seems like she's off to a. He could start check that one out -- we -- to recoup these Star Wars fans out there and there are a lot of room little mishmash of like pop icons -- Star Wars characters made into figurines were. Strange. Once -- that would. -- -- -- -- -- -- Not next -- want to -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- yeah yeah that's horrible apparently Oprah Winfrey is had me on the dollar. Hillary Clinton -- -- storm trooper and Steve Jobs is a C three PO OK so what are -- Only -- around I have no clue. OK and then another cool video to show you this is -- Hungarian or rope skipping teens I didn't. I -- that's such a thing exists but they're actually -- some pretty cool stuff. As as a teen -- multiple. Joseph -- at one time and this isn't just series and we may have coaches. Know yeah they're reporting and said. And. That's -- out. It's very manly confessed this -- as a kid I loved him. -- I don't know that double Dutch thing leaving up to ropes going I'm pleased to do Catholic school gym and responded yeah I think it's okay up until they change. I'll let you know -- I gave it up accidentally -- just throw the ball bearings and -- -- boxing cross thing. -- -- download and I -- this coordinated half.

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{"id":21510506,"title":"Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders Find a Win With Sexy Video","duration":"3:00","description":"Their team didn't make the playoffs, but these cheerleaders still know how to show spirit.","url":"/WNN/video/dallas-cowboy-cheerleaders-find-win-sexy-video-21510506","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}