Dance Party For Dancing Man!

A group of activists have decided to throw a party for a man targeted by cyberbullies.
2:55 | 03/09/15

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Transcript for Dance Party For Dancing Man!
And now it's time for the Mets okay violence under. Don't ever try to publicly shame anybody ever just because it's bad to do but on top that never noble has their back good. Classic case in point people make fun of a man's damp. And boy without a big mistake they started looking for this man anyone know this man who. Post and if there's a huge group of ladies LA who would like to do something special that was sent out by Cassandra who is an Alley based. Rights activist. And then. This they found but hey Twitter advancing man bound we're going to dance and even gets to pat his back. Our health and safety at center we'll keep you posted about your dance party never be ashamed of yourself you are both truly. At then we'll be and he offered his DJ services. All because Amanda what shamed on line for high in fat and stand there and we'll who had its back. You're supposed to that they danced like nobody's want to ask you always supposed to have a good time everybody has their over the role. Let's get to wonder what a pretext well really you know it's like it's about. Have to be on the buildup. Even fans of the month of Bradley McCain gets old that's all right you have of the good to. Favorite Indian girl that it had no Red Hat to not do the same view maybe you hear from some good. Please let me know that much about. Let's third 20 what ever know it's the wanna know it's like to gets out of Canada. They show you that beautiful footage this is a young lady vaginal Kirby. With ringling Brothers circus extreme put the Portugal broke on the helmet this is what it's like. The gets shot out of the camp. He's done this a buffer to town and apparently she's one of the youngest out there does this six about the now forty feet in the air. But it you'll probably never get a chance to go on this ride when your own so few particular loan. In the but this thing move that dramatized by the pregnant. So we say about her is mayor perseverance of a man who every day decided to propose to his girlfriend take a look he. Four year he posted a bunch of different signs that's dean. For his girlfriend just for asking her if she wouldn't have it was he was of the countdown video and potentially. Jennifer did say yes when she saw that it. How long were they together what were they work together and think up. How do you. You thrive would have appreciated the ring and instead of having to go for countdown for. We don't succeed days. Boosting its thundering on at the white overnight rain alternate. The bottom some time though to cook could become well you clever bit. Hey do you think he would stolid that would cut debt we could all agree to wage this bill. To hear your creative way excellent benefits. Look that kept after it. Did write a book that.

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{"duration":"2:55","description":"A group of activists have decided to throw a party for a man targeted by cyberbullies.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"29493665","title":"Dance Party For Dancing Man!","url":"/WNN/video/dance-party-dancing-man-29493665"}