'Dancing With the Stars' Semi-Finals

Star contestants compete in their most challenging dances yet to make it past a double-elimination night.
4:05 | 05/17/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Dancing With the Stars' Semi-Finals
OK so fixtures aid means topping our skinny headlines the big night on Dancing With The Stars double elimination was a big night with. One week left they're now just three couples left standing after a night of high scores across the board. And perhaps the most dramatic what Nile the mark best performances at an impressive enough that he's made it this far despite being death. He danced last night the Argentine tango blindfolded. While. The he can't see or hear anything that's going on and yet somehow. It seemed able to just master. This choreography. Needless to say the crowd was impressed the judge's words to thank. Give him a perfect partner at 1030 report it was absolutely. Beautiful moment. Also scoring a perfect 31. Game Morris and Lindsay Arnold. With a fast paced 1920s inspired Carlson but it wasn't enough. To keep them from getting the boot. Ballet and hit first in Antonio brown and start ever this despite what some critics say was his best dance of the seasons four at 28. There also packing that was probably the only time that he wore a shirt all season long. Not that I'm complaining yeah exactly so that means your ceasefire saying van Zandt. And Mark Ballas made the cut after scoring a near perfect when he nine. After dancing the perfect Rio samba with Ellen Burstyn to. Get pitch into them she is fantastic. That surprise you really like that would have. Pegged it to be this day when I first started watching the show I was insurer the dancer weapon hitting competitor west. He's speaking of people who are off summer on ginger. She scored a near perfect wedding night with her quick that. And Steve we'll be planned for the finals. A lot of people had her. Winning an the oddsmakers have when you at the start of the season well and this week. So voters are voting this week but their votes will count toward next week so park of the final vote yeah that'll come in decide that she wins the competition yet. Are what voters are voting this week so so performances manner matter a lot of good. They're right next a rare peek inside Serena Williams Harris pat. Because so after apparently recovering from that unfortunate dog food tasting incident that was back in Rome but is of the world's number one ranked women's singles. Tennis pro has given us a snapshot war for luxurious. Apartment inquiry. That's right she showed up in vintage art work and a sense of style she displayed her. Decorated home with got some great hardwood floors and black men doors and a pop of color on a windows to contrast. The neutral OK that's decorous and it's of the tennis phenom shows. That she knows a thing or two off the court about space scale and complementing cools and clean contemporary lines with notes of and industrials yeah there's a mat now goes words. I love when you have to ringing. Coming back to bashes into a stunning about somebody's dress great that I know nothing about it. It's and then it's like when I covers board integrity and our basketball this and then. So next. She says that she's not Cinderella and her life has not been a fairy tale that's right and that and some juicy tidbits have been released. On this new trailer for Mariah Carey's upcoming. The five time Grammy winner is taking fans beyond the glitz and the tablet rumors. And behind the scenes as she prepared for her sweet fantasy tour while planning her wedding to James packer. She also is sharing some of her many like pearls. I blame these great players Elaine and I have a but I will not receive resolutely. From. The struggle is reeled. Or has a world premieres later this year he first world problems.

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{"duration":"4:05","description":"Star contestants compete in their most challenging dances yet to make it past a double-elimination night. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"39162316","title":"'Dancing With the Stars' Semi-Finals ","url":"/WNN/video/dancing-stars-semi-finals-39162316"}