Dash for deals

Thanksgiving day sales are expected to jump 20% compared to last year as the holiday shopping season kicks off. ABC News’ Janai Norman has the details.
2:16 | 11/28/19

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Transcript for Dash for deals
And we turn now to the rush to save money this Thanksgiving weekend the dash for deals. It's artist started. Fat shopping season between Thanksgiving and Christmas a shorter this year and that means that sales are more aggressive than at her. This morning the Black Friday frenzy is kicking off early with a whopping 165. Million people. Expected to hit the stores or shop on line between today. And Monday Thanksgiving Day sales are expected to jumped 20%. Compared to last year and overnight retailers launching these deals online at Wal-Mart this Phillips 65 inch four K Smart TV has been marked down more than 40%. At best buy this Microsoft surface pro seven is marked down 360. Blocks. And Amazon is offering 125. Dollars off the Samsung gear sports Smart watts the big debate now. Whether to even get off the couch this weekend it's really not worth the hassle to go all the way to a store analysts say these are the average discounts you can expect on line. Nearly 9%. Off police 14% off computers and 17%. Off TVs but there's a caveat. When it comes to TV is you're not going to be getting the newest and latest model for sale on Black Friday still several major retailers are going to new lengths to get you off the couch and into the store Macy's says diamond stud earrings that normally costs 750. Dollars will be available for a 179. But. Only in store and after closing its stores in 2018 the revamped and much smaller Toys 'R' Us is back. Opening locations in New Jersey and Texas. Hoping character appearances will lure shoppers through the doors being able to re imagine the business was. Kind of a dream come true for additional savings take advantage of apps like honey and bracket ten. Which is offering up to 15%. Cash back at hundreds of retailers tomorrow. OK so even though several major retailers are opening later today one survey claims that one in five people are expected to shop online today. From the Thanksgiving. Table.

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{"duration":"2:16","description":"Thanksgiving day sales are expected to jump 20% compared to last year as the holiday shopping season kicks off. ABC News’ Janai Norman has the details.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"67375555","title":"Dash for deals","url":"/WNN/video/dash-deals-67375555"}