Dating Don'ts: Why Men Act Strange

Is there a science behind men acting awkward around women?
3:00 | 03/15/12

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Transcript for Dating Don'ts: Why Men Act Strange
Yeah. -- world news now delivers your morning takes us. Morning Paper time I'm a big fan of HM -- have -- there mention his steps reasonably priced gasoline and when the kids to stray you don't feel so bad. That they've just district -- shirt so anyway HM coming under fire for using a model so then that she's been called corpse like for the launch of when the new collection she's a 26 year old. French girl and -- critics are saying that she looks ready. To collapse she was unveiling the clothing -- and -- campaign -- observers say that. You can see her -- you can see her really really little waste hollowed cheeks -- guys unkempt hair. And they're criticizing them not just for how -- she is that how but how the kind of played into that with that the make -- -- in the hair and everything. HMM is responding they defended their position telling the mail on -- that. We're aware that many of the models are the -- -- This is something that the that's occurring in the industry that we operated we are committed to not using models who could be considered significant under way and they look like. I think knocking on your expect to -- malls like that and you know designers were trying to be provocative or edgy -- HNN is really about making. Fashion accessible for the masses doesn't seem like a -- passes and generally reflect the masses OK so as if we needed scientific proof that women had -- All the power essentially. Researchers are now saying that men suffer a mental the compliant when interacting with women. A study from -- Show that while heterosexual men's cognitive performance was impaired when they're around someone from the opposite sex the same -- and hold true for women. And especially at a clip from the movie the forty year old virgin which just might illustrate this point. I just wanna call. And and see what might you might wanna go out I'm actually free night. -- Okay we'll know I was thinking maybe this weekend but that's good okay Oprah great okay -- -- communicate -- are all. Let's see who. That's actually kind of a problem because I -- -- -- bite. So apparently lapses in memory and. Being here it is about something yeah something else yeah. -- you -- -- you think of political integrity right. I'll react Elliott me George bridal out of my image and jail while okay. So the state rivers and Derek Smith he's Democrat had been an office for just about a year was arrested this week after being caught accepting a bribe he accepted seven grand. It was in support of a daycare center he initially said that he would take 5000 dollars in write them. A letter of recommendation and he later raises price to seven grant he was arrested this. -- -- And we just want to mention the world's ugliness dog -- -- has died -- fifteen years old. -- -- may the force -- with him rest in peace and.

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{"id":15925782,"title":"Dating Don'ts: Why Men Act Strange ","duration":"3:00","description":"Is there a science behind men acting awkward around women?","url":"/WNN/video/dating-donts-men-act-strange-15925782","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}