David Letterman Grills Lindsay Lohan

The rehab-bound actress answers questions about her arrests on "The Late Show."
4:03 | 04/10/13

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Transcript for David Letterman Grills Lindsay Lohan
Toughest game right now ended interest in exchange between Lindsay Lohan and David Letterman -- -- not not to mincing any words. Comes out Lindsay Lohan doesn't Letterman. Gets right to it breaks the ice with a nice subtle question like. -- -- was to be in rehab right now let -- let's listen. -- supposed to be in rehab. They don't want anything that goes on -- tablet now here's what -- second. How about that -- break in the ice. Well he handled it well -- and every day to legitimate question and the -- actually the answer is yes. But she's gonna go into rehab next month but first she wanted to -- -- David Letterman at all that the appearance -- for Tuesday's late show. And that she faces a ninety day stay as part of a plea deal and that misdemeanor traffic accident case -- so many of these. This case is going I'm not sure which one but anyway she is -- ninety days day. The never ending saga that influencing them yes OK so there's another elimination last night on Dancing With The Stars Lisa -- pump reality TV star. She left -- show but you can't really rough week she fainted during rehearsals she almost didn't. Compete -- -- -- fifteen minutes of the ruins of the performance of a little -- issue after practice times but she's just really grateful to -- cafes -- from. A bunch of people and to -- ought to be good there's going to be live performances from -- he's been. Love Brad Paisley like duet from pop star Jennifer new head cool. Yes -- -- -- out. Looking forward to it looked -- about that Twitter you know I got dragged on the Twitter by Diana Perez about a month ago and you're still and as erratic at like 700 followers not to -- I don't know too bad I'm still learning how to do it but anyway another famous well eight famous -- -- -- Somebody real famous that would be our former President Bill Clinton went on col -- and cold air drag them on to Twitter. And game an account -- -- Now President Clinton was taken. William Jefferson Clinton. Was taken. But pres Billy Jeff was available. They yell at -- Billy Jeff that is for real and this -- just Monday night the count already has a hundred and 151000. Followers it is pretty impressive I don't know col -- definitely -- a little on the president in that regard -- four million. -- -- -- Newness but -- day four million. Yeah. -- sell -- favorite TV show. But -- on MTV it's my favorite -- If I didn't lack of action it actually being canceled and and -- -- decided to cancel the series and this -- just eight days after the death of cast -- -- -- and remember him again. So they're really giving an explanation -- -- why they're canceling the show they're not telling that cast. Members what's going on here of course is of the show that follows the lives of young people in a rural West Virginia town. So that its current episode shot from the word go Latin so many politicians and West Virginians like is not the image we really want -- -- -- in this and that. A lot of these reality and Shiva shares are never the image that people really want -- its budding young people watch it found. But no more. All right should we talk about Justin Bieber of course the skinny and happy -- Check out the -- -- Justin -- Shaven that's part of his head and the -- on the side okay good right about that so bad when I heard that he (%expletive) happens that I have to look. Horrendous but it looks pretty good apparently his fans are into it is -- we dominant view. I am in probably seen the shot in his head I am crying screaming hollering I am in complete Ecstasy right now is that how you feel. I know the athlete at this imminently yeah. -- -- -- -- on a battle that are taking another singer hide -- is back in the studio after giving birth last October and put Atlanta down. So she's great Sanofi actually get continue to choose to carry it sometimes -- votes of that.

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{"id":18920892,"title":"David Letterman Grills Lindsay Lohan","duration":"4:03","description":"The rehab-bound actress answers questions about her arrests on \"The Late Show.\"","url":"/WNN/video/david-letterman-grills-lindsay-lohan-18920892","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}