Deadly Storms Sweep Across the South

Severe weather and tornadoes in the South leaves at least eight dead and 40 injured.
2:05 | 12/24/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Deadly Storms Sweep Across the South
Good morning I'm Reno nine and atoms and escapes into the top stories on this Christmas Eve December 24 we began a violent weather stretching parts of the south at least seven people are dead after at least 21 tornadoes. Rates across three southern states including this monster twister in Holly Springs Mississippi. Scott twister killed at least two people including. Seven year old boy the twister picked up and tossed the car that the boy was riding in with relatives. By nightfall parts of Holly Springs were reduced to just piles of bricks violent weather was reported from Arkansas to Tennessee and central Indiana. Those deadly storms striking just as tens of millions of Americans head out for the holidays yesterday was the busiest travel days. This holiday season so far and for many travelers it's been a nightmare airport. Packed with hundreds of cancellations and nearly 6000 delays a Southwest Airlines flight scene there was forced to return to open. For an emergency landing the plane had a landing gear problem and had to circle for nearly four. Hours this six service members killed in Afghanistan by a suicide bomber. Are back in the US Defense Secretary ash Carter was at Dover Air Force Base in Delaware for the return of their bodies. Among that was a new York city police detective and an air force major she's believed to be the first openly gay active duty service woman to die in combat. Take a look staff curry of the Golden State Warriors among the big NBA stars who appear in a new public service ad against gun violence to stop. Also feature survivors of gun violence and families of shooting victims as well. It'll debut tomorrow during the NBA's popular Christmas Day schedule of games. And speaking of Christmas in Nazareth the birth of Jesus Christ was celebrated with a reenactment. Of the nativity with special details recreating what jesus' hometown may have looked like. During biblical times actors dressed as Marion Jones a broken soldiers and others took visitors. On the trip through time crowds of pilgrims. Expected tonight for a midnight mass in Bethlehem. It's very real the poses with her real except for the cameras not that modern. But it warnings in time it will BC we'll read them and can description enjoy this Christmas Eve.

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{"duration":"2:05","description":"Severe weather and tornadoes in the South leaves at least eight dead and 40 injured. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"35938732","title":"Deadly Storms Sweep Across the South","url":"/WNN/video/deadly-storms-sweep-south-35938732"}