Deals, deals, deals!

Vera Gibbons, the Consumer Expert and Founder of, gives us some inside knowledge about the best deals this time of year: Amazon Prime, vacations, summer gear, and more!
3:15 | 07/11/17

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Transcript for Deals, deals, deals!
So when you probably heard about all as great mid summer sales out there especially with Amazon prime day getting underway but. Amid all those deals are also plenty of items to stay away from so here with the good news and the bad news consumer expert Vera Gibbons. Is gonna guide us through it also lets start with some of those Amazon deals what do we want to look for. It's a lot of Jen seeing got to separate attend committee that there allowing over a 100000 products discounted so. I would on and on the Amazon branded products can now echo fire may be the TDs they say they have a bigger selection this year they have some name brands like the Samsung. They have the ongoing deals than they have the flat sales let me nail right. And then they have specials and explosives for Alexa users that gets a little bit confusing but if you are shopping Amazon that Dell's sales specifically. I would hunt on hone in on the Amazon specific products and may be TV and then in the Amazon music and limited for 99 cents month. If it habitat of electronics in general. Not really know in fact if you are shopping the Amazon sale. Don't expect any Mac products to be significantly discounted this is what the apple watchers are telling me. Forget about it in in buying laptops and generally about half actually waiting until. Be back to school sales because that's where there incentivized and you get this sales tax free can in the various states so. You're better off waiting for that yes island just let us but here. Nall. Let's talk about double the amount now know. I shouldn't come on the our diet getting back to create a they've got to pay it what are we want to buy a really good time to buy summer apparel all the shorts the teachers I've seen sales of 67%. Off in some cases. We are halfway through this summer retail season. Already since its tell me since the great time device I think I just think it's a can't anybody right now I'm for national bikini bank and what went if that I was a couple of days. Maybe yeah. I think bathing suits become incentivized after the fourth of July after people have taken yourself be at the beach. Essence it's what other summer stuff like grills patio grill in the sunlight and they want to wait on that you know we saw some sales over the fourth of July they actually better off waiting until. Leave now in late August even if you can wait. After Labor Day that would actually even be better ratings they note needed anyway Andrea donated anymore and Allen and really wants him in this election is limited yes exactly. It but in terms of what you should be considering doing if you haven't taken your summer vacation. July airfares if some sales up their seat if you haven't gone anywhere that's convenient good time to vote for August September I think you need to get away. Just but some of those to announce feeling that America. Eddie Eddie other things that we should really be nationalized really agent coming on here but it came now it's good night for Sunday July 16. Summit. You might what is happening today same guy like Baskin Robbins and dairy queens in Indiana when I'm sure the beginning greetings from entry. Friday three patriotic yeah even though and that there are very always great having gone any better you bring ice cream next time you. And I think severe of course the founder and editor of not political for more info on all of these deals you can had birthdays but page at WNN fans dot com.

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{"duration":"3:15","description":"Vera Gibbons, the Consumer Expert and Founder of, gives us some inside knowledge about the best deals this time of year: Amazon Prime, vacations, summer gear, and more!","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"48561186","title":"Deals, deals, deals!","url":"/WNN/video/deals-deals-deals-48561186"}